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5 Qualities We Love
About a Shopping App

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First there were supermarkets and hyper-stores. Then they made the switch online with the advent of the Internet. Now we crave convenience and shops delivered this to us through mobile apps. We never looked back since. Black Friday, a sale typically for brick-and-mortar shops, have seen about 55.5% of the sales transacted on their apps. So what are the qualities that makes an app so great? Here is a list of the top features for a shopping app.

1. Image Search

Street style is picking up pace. You see individuals dressed to the nines, exuding their own personal brand of style. Had the feeling that you wanted to steal their clothes? Now you can do it the legal way by snapping a picture of their outfit. Just upload it and the site will present to you similar items that they carry online. You don’t have to waste any time in searching. All it takes is seconds to get a curated outfit.

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2. Multi device

Your shopping synced on various devices gives you flexibility. Now you can shop on the web and on the app without losing vital information like your wishlist, saved items and viewing a record of your past transactions. Need to leave your house in 5 minutes but you are not done checking off the shopping list? No problem. Whip your mobile out and shop on the go. Toggling between devices has changed the way we define convenience.

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3. Well-Designed

Nothing irritates us more than a cluttered app that makes navigating a chore. Lack of categorisation will be the death of an app. We love convenience - shopping apps are not helping themselves by expecting us to navigate in the depth of the mess. Apart from that, the tool bar has to be stocked with the important functions. A simple user interface and clean design keeps a customer loyal.

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4. Product Meets our Expectations

What scares us most would be purchasing products online that does not look as we expect it from the pictures. A size chart or a virtual fitting room incorporated would allay our fears. Size, colour, texture and material are some of the basic details needed to make an informed decision.

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5. Speed

Speed of the app seals our love for the brand forever. No crashes and quick loading time makes shopping less of a hassle for some and keeps us coming back for more. We value this as much as the design. These consist of the quality of the customer experience on an app.

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So what are your favourite shopping apps?

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