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10 Things You Can Do
to Feel Happy

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Feeling stretched and desperate to break out of your rut? There's more to life than just work and paycheques! Here are some ways to get excited about your life again:

1. Dance like no one is watching

There's something liberating and exciting about letting go and dancing to your favourite grooves. It also makes you let go of your body hang-ups and appreciate the things your body can do. So turn up the music and get shaking!

2. Light some scented candles

Some people swear by aromatherapy to de-stress. And inhaling pleasant scents can help to improve your mood indeed. Be it soothing chamomile or lavender, a scented candle or bath, or even a quick spritz of your favourite perfume is a quick way to relax at the end of the day.

Black and white wax 'Silenzio' scented candle from Fornasetti 

3. Call up a friend

Sometimes, we just need a listening ear or someone who will emphathise with us. Emotional connection can help you rediscover your sense of self so you don't feel like you are alone or overwhelmed by your problems. Even a ten-minute chat with a confidante - be it your bestie or your parents - can improve your mood loads.

4. Have some chocolate

You must know the health benefits of dark chocolate by now. Much touted as one of the super-foods in the world, dark chocolate contains antioxidants that are not only beneficial for your skin, and boost cell renewal, it also comes packed with endorphins that improve your mood instantly. Consider this your happy pills.

5. Find new music on Spotify

Tired of your old playlist? Discovering new music can fire up neurons in our brains, stimulating it and making us break out of our regular routine. In short, it can make us try new things and come out of our rut.

Alicia Keys' new single: In Common

For an instant mood boost in the morning, try listening to this song: Mr. Vegas - My Jam.

6. Re-read your favourite book

If you're a bookaholic, there's nothing like returning to one of your shelf favourites and feeling comforted by the story you know so well.

7. Plan a vacation

Dreaming of a getaway? Turn your dreams into action! Planning for your next vacation gives you something to look forward to, so every day doesn't feel like a chore. And when your holiday plans finally come through, you'll be so proud of yourself for making all that happen!

Recommended places to visit: Cape Town, Havana, Koh Samui (Thailand), LisbonMalta, Oxnard (California), Panama CitySouth Luangwa (Zambia), Tangier (Morocco).

8. Hit the beach

What Happy List comes without a mention of the beach? Sun, sea, and sand are the perfect solution to calm a harried mind. Completely switch off from work this weekend, and soak up the rays and you will return to work on Monday recharged.

Photo by Warren Linton; Location: Barbados

9. Go for a swim

If the beach is a little out of reach for you, then loosen up those stiff muscles and do some laps in the pool instead. A long duration cardio activity at a moderate pace can be cathartic in that it helps to clear your mind, shed some excess weight, and rev up your metabolism, leaving you energetic and alert for the rest of the day.

10. Paint your nails

Having your digits in a sunny shade of yellow, or coral hues of orange, pink, and turquoise can feel like giving your nails a vacation. Glance down and you have adorable mood-lifting nail art to admire - what's not to love?

Photo courtesy of ZALORA Community

What other things make you happy? Share your mood-boosting list in the Comments section!

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