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By Eva Fydrych

Modern, Chic, Urban
Handbags by Koda Nivoli

Photo courtesy of Koda Nivoli

If you haven’t heard about Koda Nivoli yet, you soon will. Launched by Ksenija Dias in the beginning of 2016, this luxury Canadian brand offers fashion-forward designs and quality products made from the finest materials. 

The Fall/Winter 2016 collection includes a variety of clutches, wallets, totes, cross body and shoulder bags. In line with the latest fashion trends, Koda Nivoli handbags are designed for the urban fashionistas who aren't afraid of turning heads and getting noticed wherever they go.

By adding bright accents to the basic colour palette of white, beige and black, and mixing fun details with classic silhouettes, Ksenija managed to create a stylish and fashion-forward collection that appeals to both younger and more mature clientele.

Electric Blue trend FW 2016 (Photos courtesy of Harper's Bazaar, Pinterest, and Koda Nivoli)

Choosing Your Perfect Bag

Getting the right handbag, a necessary item in every woman’s wardrobe, is not always an easy task. When shopping for a new bag this season, you should consider a couple of things: functionalitystyle, and something that many women tend to forget about - your body type. Not every handbag is ideal for every woman. 

Being tall and thin allows you to carry almost any style. A slouchy, rounded bag will be great to compliment your look. If you are on the heavier side, choose a handbag that is long and sleek or tall and rectangular. You should avoid bags that are too small, as they will look lost against your figure. The rounder your figure, the more structured your handbag needs to be. And remember: the size of your handbag should always be in proportion to your figure.

Two tone CLAUDIA Tote by Koda Nivoli - a perfect companion for urban fashionistas

If you are splurging on an expensive bag, pick one that goes well with many items in your wardrobe so you will be able to wear it often. If you prefer to buy several inexpensive pieces, choose one classic everyday bag in black, beige or grey. Then, experiment with fun, unique styles and colours for your other bags.

This season you should invest in at least one statement tote bag for carrying your work essentials and all the extras for a fun night on the town. Koda Nivoli bags have generous compartments and are spacious enough for all the necessities.

Simple and chic all-black office look: BLADE Tote by Koda Nivoli

Canadian Luxury Market

According to Euromonitor International, London-based market research firm, 2015 was another good year for luxury goods in Canada with value and volume growth far stronger than the growth rates achieved in the majority of other consumer goods.

Koda Nivoli aims to bring elegant yet affordable luxury and style to the market, offering products that are unique and conforming to the strict quality standards (all leather comes from Spain and Italy).

"I would literally rip apart the samples they sent me to check everything. I would look for full leather designs, no short cuts, quality accessories and stitching". - says Ksenija in a recent KYJO interview.

Make a larger-than-life fashion statement with HOOPA handbag in bright yellow

“Experts say global interest in luxury goods and services was first piqued two decades ago, and has since been driven by our fascination with celebrities, the growing wealth in emerging economies and rising consumer expectations.

The overall global market for luxury products and services—including genuine one-percenter favourites such as yachts, supercars and private jets—hit $1.1 trillion in 2014, up about seven per cent from a year earlier, according to research by consulting firm Bain & Co. Meanwhile, demand for personal luxury goods, which is more narrowly focused on designer clothing, handbags and jewellery, grew by five per cent, to more than $300 billion globally, led by the United States, Canada and Mexico. ” - Source:

Ksenija's goal is to expand her brand into the U.S. and European markets. And with her strong vision and can-do attitude, she is surely going to achieve it pretty soon!

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