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Future of Fashion Runway Show
unites Canadian fashion community

Photos by Rai Allen and PANTAO Creative Imaginary / Courtesy of Startup Fashion Week

Toronto, October 11, 2016 – Fashion enthusiasts flocked to the Future of Fashion Runway Showcase on Oct. 7, the signature event that closed out the third annual Startup Fashion Week (SFW) and united the Canadian fashion community.

Held at 99 Sudbury in Toronto, the standing-room-only showcase capped off a week-long series of networking and educational events, and brought the fashion community together for a celebration of emerging designers and wearable tech startups.

SFW presented collections from both international and Canadian designers at the runway show, including Ottawa’s WE ARE KINGS, Montreal’s NemräC Style and local designers Lana Kudir and Lama El Hajj. Featured as this year’s international participants were Australian maternity brand LEGOE, as well as wearable tech startups Tap2Tag originally from London, U.K., Ashley Chloe from San Francisco, and WiseWear, from San Antonio. 

"I was able to network all week at SFW, which helped me get a better feeling for the Toronto fashion market before I introduced NemräC Style on the Toronto Runway to consumers and buyers," said designer Carmen Popescu.

Photos courtesy of Startup Fashion Week

Photos courtesy of Startup Fashion Week

The runway showcase’s success was largely due to the work of volunteers and sponsors who served as models, hairstylists and make-up artists coming from all across North America to participate. Sponsors Kim Du Salon from Yorkville and Motives Cosmetics have been aligned with SFW for three consecutive years to support the fashion community. 

Cindy Roemer, Director of Programs at SFW charity partner Brands For Canada, hosted the runway show and elevated awareness for the partnership.

The City of Toronto partnered with SFW to celebrate the success of five startup entrepreneurs on the runway in partnership with Henkaa, and highlighted the hard work of entrepreneurs across different industries.

Photos courtesy of Startup Fashion Week

Photos courtesy of Startup Fashion Week

The Future of Fashion Runway Showcase continued to set new benchmarks by featuring: the first menswear line (We Are Kings); the first maternity line and mothers-to-be models (LEGOE), who also served as SFW’s first line from Australia.

SFW closed the show with a special feature recognizing five Women of Influence in Canadian Fashion who all walked the runway: Helen Harakas, Kelly Drennan, Eizabeth Semmelhack, Bahar Niramwalla and Joanna Duong Chang.

“I’m amazed, year after year, how much our community grows and based on the feedback we get how influential this platform is for fashion entrepreneurs,” said Jodi Goodfellow, Executive Producer of SFW. “With the same growing support from media partners, SFW will be able to draw more awareness for our participants who could potentially put Canadian fashion on a wider landscape.” 

Photo courtesy of Startup Fashion Week

About Startup Fashion Week

Startup Fashion Week (SFW) is the first of its kind, representing the newly developed intersection of fashion, business, and technology. Conceived in 2014 by Founder and Executive Producer Jodi Goodfellow, SFW was created to bridge the gap between the growing fashion and tech industries in Canada and focuses on aiding to launch, accelerate, and sustain these startup businesses. Initially formed as a 3 day platform as a Business of Fashion Conference, Fashion Tech Forum and a Runway Show, SFW has now helped to launch and profile amazing Canadian designers from cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Saskatoon, and Saint John.

SFW has featured designers such as Amanda Maria, Atelier Guarin, She Native, By Catalfo and fashion tech startups such as Daniel Christian Tang, Prodmode and Muse. 

Photo courtesy of Startup Fashion Week

Photo courtesy of Startup Fashion Week


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