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By ZALORA Community

5 Mistakes
You Are Making When Coordinating Colours

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Have you ever noticed how some people seem to have an innate ability to match bold pinks with neon yellow and still look like a million bucks? The secret: using colour to create a focal point for your look! Looking fabulous is easy when you know the right colours to mix and match together. Instead of telling you tricks of the colour wheel, here are some mistakes to avoid when pairing colours.

1. Leopard Prints 

Leopard prints have gotten a lot of flak for being a style faux pas (thanks a lot, Ris Low). It can be true especially when it comes to finding complementary wardrobe pieces to pair it with such a strong print.

When paired right, the effect would be fabulous! For newbies getting acquainted with this print, pick colours of that print. In this case, go with nudes, browns and blacks to keep it chic. Add one bright colour to seal the deal as a style pro! Do not layer leopard prints with multiple strong shades. The main focal point should be the print itself.

2. Neons

This is a tricky one. The problem is not the colour itself, rather not toning down the bright shade or making it the star of our outfit. Unless you are going to a rave then the using contrasting colours is a definite no-no.

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To avoid looking like a traffic light, the best (and safe) way is to pair it with denim, black or white. These instantly tones down the neon colour - you stand out and not in bad way. The other way is to go with colour blocking! Fluorescent yellow, electric blue and black is a great way to mix your neons!

3. Failing the Ombre Test

Everyone loves the ombre look but the common mistake is forgetting that accessories are part of the outfit! Starting the top, pick a dark shade. It could be your crop top and a pencil skirt in the orange family colour. The orange gets lighter from top to bottom and end of with a pair of peach coloured heels or better yet, in white!

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Earrings need to be matched with a similar shade of your top and bracelets with that of the pants or skirt! Viola, there you have it, a foolproof way to match your outfit.

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4. All Black

All black is sophisticated and classy. Parisians love it, New Yorkers live by it. But let’s face it. This is overdone. For a little twist is a good ol’ classic, play around with patterns instead. Black camo, black and grey stripes, black sequins... play around with textures and fabrics!

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5. White on White

Do not get me wrong. I love white on white as much as the next person. This is not a style misstep but a tip. Crisp white is the best if you want to look sleek. Taking care of your white pieces is a must! Since these might end up looking greyish, it could give our entire ensemble a lacklustre look. When doing your laundry, add products suited to make your whites, whiter!

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Putting it all together…

Creating a focal piece keeps your outfit in harmony and of course, you looking fabulous! The best way to do that is make a print the focus and use various shades of it to blend in. Neon pieces are naturally attention grabbing so the key is toning it down.

When it comes to coordinating an outfit, amateurs tend to forget accessorising! The ombre test ensures you look great from head to toe and when you want to fall back on black, try it with different fabrics. Another mistake is not doing laundry right, especially on white pieces, which would affect your look.

Now you know these simple mistakes to avoid, you can style it like the pros! What are some style mishaps that are overlooked? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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