Monday, November 14, 2016


By Maureen Gallagher

Best Hairstyle Trends
for Fall 2016

Rodarte FW 2016 (Photo by Kevin Tachman / Courtesy of Vogue)

Cool, crisp air, leaves crunching underfoot, we know fall has arrived. We find ourselves reaching for sweaters instead of shorts, and summer hair is a thing of the past. Fall hair trends of 2016 pack a variety of styles to try for all hair types and lengths. 


Short hair endures. Bobs have been around for a while, but the beveled bob, or the A-Line bob cut is the look for fall. Different from the shaggy, comfortable bob in previous years, this style emphasizes a sleek, structured shape. Rather than cutting straight across, a beveled bob is achieved by lifting hair while it is being cut. This encourages one's own bend and movement to the hair, allowing it to lay naturally. 

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Parted and Straight 

Short or long, a straight part down the middle of the head rules this fall. The center part showcases the face, especially when it is pulled back into a low ponytail or bun. A center part gives a nod to the 70s, and carries with it a relaxed, boho feel. In contrast, a deep side part sends a message of strength this year. Bold and sharp, the side part exudes sophistication whether it is held into a polished style, or paired with tousled waves. 

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Hair texture takes main stage this fall. Loose, natural waves still have their place, but round big curls, ringlets and small spirals take the limelight. Fall has us glancing back in time for inspiration. A revival of big 80s hair brings us volume, curl, and even some crimping. Going back farther in time, finger waves take us back to the 1920s. An updated version of the classic style, these s-shaped waves add a vintage feel to updos and an unexpected element to loose hair.

Finally, the wet hair look began at the end of summer, but carries over to fall as well. Wet hair gives the just out of the shower impression, comb marks in the hair and all. Styled up into a bun or pony tail, or left down and slicked back, this is a unique twist on everyday styles. 

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Buns Buns Buns

The darling of hairstyles this fall and our affection for buns remain unchanged. Piled high on top of the head, low at the nape of the neck, or even in a pair, these knots seem to stand the test of time. Ponytails receive the same reverence, also appearing high upon the crown of the head for a chic style, or low for a more polished look.

Of-the-moment accessories complement these styles. Ribbons, especially black velvet, add a chic dimension to classics. Simply tie up a ponytail in a ribbon, wrap the ponytail itself, or wear around the head like a crown, and an everyday look can instantly become elevated. For a big impact, jewels with a vintage feel decorate the hair in chunky headbands, pins, and barrettes. 

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This season provides a wide variety in hair trends. Out on the town or out running errands, incorporating these trends gives an updated look that keeps things current. Between length, texture, and accessories, there is something for everyone this fall.

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