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By Naomi Shaw

5 Tips for Moms
How to Take Care of Your Skin this Summer

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Most moms are lucky to be able to shower and use the restroom without kids knocking on the door…so taking the time for a multi-step beauty routine is pretty much off the table. Before kids, the morning beauty routine could be relaxed and detailed. Now, though, that once carefree beauty routine has been replaced by a beauty sprint.

Busy moms don’t have patience for beauty products that need a how-to guide. Efficient routines combined with simple beauty products are the ideal solution for busy moms who want to stay fashionable and have great skin without compromising the clock.

Thankfully, though, it’s easy to whittle down that beauty routine to minimalist perfection. The secret is having the right beauty arsenal. Here are the products busy moms need for nurtured skin and a flawless five-minute face.

Coconut oil (Photo courtesy of Naomi Shaw)

Skin Solutions

1. Coconut Oil

Swap out your chemical-laden lotion for a natural (and even organic) ingredient. Maybe you cook with coconut oil…but this tropical smelling edible delight also is ideal for locking in moisture. For moms prone to breakouts, don’t use coconut oil as a facial moisturize as it will clog pores. However, you can still use this on your body after you get out of the shower.

It also is the best makeup remover…it easily wipes away waterproof mascara. If your skin isn’t prone to acne, you also may use this around the eyes in place of an eye cream. Even better? Coconut oil also can be used for kids as a go-to lip balm…or even to make Peep playdough (yes, you can make playdough for your kids out of marshmallow Peeps!).

2. Argan Oil (sometimes called Moroccan Oil)

Argan oil can be extremely pricey…but there are stores that offer organic argan oil for a steal. If the budget doesn’t allow for a splurge, snag a bottle at your local Trader Joe’s. Argan oil does not clog pores and works well as a night moisturizer. Supposedly, it also helps reduce fine lines. I use it around my eyes…the verdict is still out if my fine lines look better, but my skin is extremely soft. According to Marie Claire, the oil is chocked full of good stuff—including “antioxidants, vitamin E and essential fatty acids.”

Photo courtesy of Acure Organics

3. Sunscreen

I don’t care if you have naturally beautiful bronze skin, and you feel that you don’t need sunscreen. Everyone needs sunscreen! UVA and UVB rays are damaging and may cause skin cancer. Follow the recommendations of the American Academy of Dermatology and use a water resistant broad-spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher every single day…rain or shine.

Makeup Must-Haves

Yes, you have time to put on a bit of makeup (if you want to!). Some women love cosmetics (including me!), but they feel like they have no time in the morning. A five-minute face is easy, though. Here’s what you need:

1. Powder Foundation or BB Cream
I gravitate towards full-coverage, so I use powder foundation. If you want a natural but finished look, choose a BB cream. BBs also work as a concealer and primer and many have SPF. Make sure to select a foundation or cream that matches your complexion for a flawless finish.

Dior's Hydra Life BB Cream (Photo courtesy of Dior)

2. Mascara

For fairer haired mamas, use brown or black-brown for a natural daytime look. Darker-haired moms can opt for black mascara. Just swipe one coat on the top lashes. While I also coat my bottoms, you certainly may skip them.

3. Concealer

Dot concealer on areas you absolutely need it. Skip concealer if you use a BB cream.

4. Naked eye shadow

Find a hue of powder eye shadow that matches your skin tone or is a touch darker. This will give you that nice, natural look.

5. Lip balm…tinted or not

The final product in my arsenal is a tinted lip balm. I opt for one that is a hue darker than my natural lip shade. Of course, you can use a clear balm or any lipstick you love. Almost every major drugstore cosmetics brand makes a great (and affordable) tinted balm…so pick your favorite!

Delpozo Spring/Sumer 2017, NYFW (Photo courtesy of Elle)

If a daily beauty regimen overwhelms you, skip the unnecessary products and multiple beauty steps. You may be able to use oils for facial and body moisturizers and also as make-up remover. Many moms also can pare down their make-up drawer to include only a few daily must-have products. Beauty can be simple…you just have to simplify your routine!

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