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By Naomi Shaw

Pampering on Purpose
Why treating yourself is healthy, not frivolous

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Life is filled with stresses. Work, kids, significant others, spouses…money. Our daily responsibilities are endless and often fill the mind with anxiety. Take time to pamper the mind and the body and to help the mind let go of stress and just relax.

With so much chaos and so much responsibility, sometimes we feel that we must put every other priority ahead of our own needs. But your wellbeing matters, you matter. It’s time to put you on the top of the list. Prioritizing your own happiness isn’t frivolous, it isn’t selfish…it’s healthy. The flight attendant always tells passengers to put their own oxygen mask on before helping others during a crisis, because you have to take care of you before you can take care of anyone else.

Start a goal for self love. Mark an hour each week to give yourself what you need. Whether pampering means a solo jog, meditation, or just extra rest, take an hour for your needs. Not sure where to begin or what you need? Indulge in these self-pampering ideas:

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An extra hour to get ready…and not rush

We’re all rushed in the morning. Often, it feels like we need to jump in the shower, jump out and throw ourselves together to make it on time. Schedule an hour one weekday or weekend morning to give yourself plenty of time to get ready without stress. Take an extra long shower or bath. Take more time for grooming rituals like eyebrow waxing, an extra thorough shave to avoid cuts and ingrown hairs or to nourish the hair with masks and treatments. Use that hour to experiment with extra cool new make-up looks (unicorn highlighters!). Or opt for an at-home blowout. However you choose to indulge, leave the house one morning each week really feeling refreshed.


According to the National Sleep Foundation, most adults need between seven to nine hours of sleep each night. If you’re not getting enough sleep, it could be affecting your health. Sleep deprivation can put you at risk for a host of issues, including a weakened immune system. Turn of screens an hour early and invest in more sleep. Your body will benefit!


Indulge in an hour-long massage to work out any kinks and stressed out muscles. Massages help the body relax and feel blissfully pampered. Opt for Swedish massage, which focuses on the whole body. Hot stone massages are especially soothing, as the warmth spreads throughout the body.

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Get Running

Many avid runners find that pounding the pavement provides an ideal time to unwind and release the stress from the body. Running is terrific cardio and helps build strength and endurance. If you’re new to the running world, start slow. Alternate between a light jog and a fast walk, but don’t push yourself too hard too fast. The point of taking time to run is to help the body relax…not to stress out more!

Find Peace

Meditation holds different meanings for each individual. Some lay quietly in the dark. Others use a mantra or even a prayer. Center the mind and the body by learning the art of meditation. Spend an hour a week, or a few minutes a day alone quietly…focusing just on you. And learn how to be ever mindful and in the moment. The licensed counselors at BetterHelp can help you learn how to achieve that.

Photo courtesy of Naomi Shaw

You are important, and you need to be a priority. Amidst all the chaos, the clutter, the obligations, spare an hour each week to pamper the body and soothe the mind. And refuse to feel guilty!


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