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By Eva Fydrych

Keeps Growing 

DELIRIOUS (Photo courtesy of WHITE)

WHITE has boosted the June edition thus reaching 300 brands, thanks to important partnerships and to the success of the MAN & WOMAN formula. The trade show is the only trade-fair capable of showcasing the womenswear previews during the menswear fashion week. Special Guest of the show is POAN, which will tread the catwalks thanks to the collaboration with CNMI, while the Slovakian NEHERA is the woman precollections Guest Designer. Synergies with showrooms like Tomorrow for the Athleisure, Six London, Baltimora Studio and The Alphabet. Special projects with companies like Casadei, which will launch its capsule collection, Momonì, with a special area, Ramponi and Albini Group for the shows.

From 17th to 19th June 2017, WHITE MAN & WOMAN, the contemporary fashion trade show under the aegis of the Municipality of Milan, is back on stage at Tortona Fashion District with 300 brands in the two locations: Tortona 27 Superstudio Più and Tortona 54 Ex Ansaldo. WHITE represents the ideal marketing-oriented platform for medium-sized and big-sized Italian and international fashion businesses, like Albini Group, Casadei, Fragiacomo and Ramponi, which have chosen the trade show owning to its special projects.

WHITE has been the first to believe in the pioneering formula of showcasing the menswear and womenswear collections together, as it is currently starting to happen also on the international catwalks. The trade show is the only Italian event to have believed in the phenomenon of the women’s pre-collections, launching an ONLY WOMAN section endowed with a dedicated layout, with the previews of this increasingly important segment of contemporary fashion. The woman precollections Guest Designer is NEHERA, a legendary Slovakian women’s apparel brand in Eastern Europe. Born in 1930 from the creativity of Jan Nehera, the brand was re-launched in 2014 and has immediately become a constant presence in the calendar of the Paris Fashion Week. The other protagonists of this section are Aalto, Tuomas Merikoski Finnish label finalist at the prestigious ANDAM award and present at WHITE for several editions; P.E Nation, athleisure brand for women, founded by designers Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning, designers of a dynamic sort of aesthetics: something in between urban casual and sportswear – VA Victoria Andreyanova, prominent designer from the former Soviet Union. An increasingly important womenswear area also thanks to showrooms like Six London with cutting-edge footwear brands like Markus Lupfer, Opening Ceremony, Swear London and Toga Pulla, to mention just a few.

HERO (Photo courtesy of WHITE)

«The growth of this trade show - says Massimiliano Bizzi, Founder of WHITE – goes to show that also the contemporary businesses are betting on the early presentation of the womenswear collections, an absolutely winning strategy, to then complete the sales campaign in September in a brand-new Milan, thanks to the important agreement MISE - Ministry for Economic Development – has clinched, allowing to hold all the fashion trade-fairs during the fashion week. This will lead to an important increase in the number of international buyers, consequently WHITE, the reference trade-fair, has extended its calendar by one day».

In order to better identify the marketing-oriented role of the trade show a new collaboration format has been launched: “SHOWROOM CONNECTION @WHITE”, which aims to promote the showroom through a targeted strategy, so as to favour the presence of buyers who can see the brands and the novelties of the trade show and nalize the order in the showrooms. A virtuous exchange, considering the incoming of buyers at the trade show and the several showrooms representing an absolute creative and economic resource for Milan, the capital of distribution. Sitting in the very heart of Tortona Fashion District, WHITE is the reference trade show that, by means of special areas and projects, events and guest designers, wants to create a network to make the city increasingly dynamic and international.

The project SHOWROOM CONNECTION @WHITE aims to create a hands-on cooperation with the show to promote the showrooms and their brands through dedicated marketing and communication services, like the connection between the trade show and the showrooms to facilitate the buyers’ transfers, the promotion of the showrooms within the fair, the visibility across all channels, like the APP, the website and WHITE’s magazine, as well as a series of important international media partners, who have been involved to promote the project.

ARRABAL (Photo courtesy of WHITE)

This new format has been welcomed by several prominent footwear manufacturers like Casadei and Fragiacomo, which have chosen the trade show for the launch of their collections.

«We are enthusiastic about our participation with WHITE in a project that embodies all the values that we both cherish with great passion and pride: quality, research and innovation. This shared pioneering vision is focused on supporting the craftsmanship excellence that has made the Made in Italy respected and valued globally» says Cesare Casadei, creative director of brand. With 59 years of history and with a forward-looking attitude, Casadei has created a capsule collection for modern-day women: respectful of the traditions, but instinctively projected towards the search for new aesthetic codes. «It is a great honor to be able to expose these unique and exclusive styles in the 90 square meters area that the trade show has dedicated us within the format SHOWROOM CONNECTION @WHITE».

Federico Pozzi Chiesa, President and CEO of Fragiacomo, brand that for over 60 years has been celebrating the craftsmanship, quality and exclusivity of the Made in Italy has commented: «The path we have taken this years, which has involved the revamping of Fragiacomo heritage, can now add a new stage thanks to this synergy with WHITE, of which we appreciate the positioning as well as their ability for internationalization. We are absolutely con dent that this is the best showcase to display all the work done in terms of product and style».

MINIMAL TO (Photo courtesy of WHITE)

In keeping with this synergy with the showrooms, Momonì is coming back. After experiencing the ef cacy of this formula in January, it will be present in June with a new installation to launch the S/S 2018 collection, which is inspired from a couple of artists valued for their free and creative mindset: rock poetess Patty Smith and Bloomsbury group’s painter, Vanessa Bell. Together in a rare exhibition in London, they have been the icons Monomì has drawn from. The outcome is a bohemian style, juxtaposed with male elements to forge an absolutely iconic and recognizable Momonì look, thanks to its artistic air and the numerous possibilities to mix and match.

The dialogue between the trade-fair and top-notch fashion showrooms goes on with the initiative Friends of WHITE, an international exhibiting project born in January 2017, whose protagonist is BaltimoraStudio with The Alphabet.

To consolidate the role of the trade show as a platform for well-established companies, two Special Exhibitions will soon shine a spotlight on the know-how of two important Italian institutions. The show “La Tradizione, il valore, il bello” (Tradition, Value, Beauty) with Albini Group, illustrates, through a show on the white fabric, the company’s challenge to achieve a uncompromised quality. The Talent Network Award Ramponi has given birth to a new idea of creative patronage.

«Recounting our white fabrics within White strikes us as the perfect match - says Silvio Albini, President of Albini Group. - According to us the white fabric is the essence of the shirt/blouse and has to be like the nest diamond: pure, perfect and bright. I am glad that young designers have interpreted in such a personal way the colour ‘white’, giving birth to creations that widely differ one from another, but that reveal great talent and creativity».

POAN (Photos courtesy of WHITE) Click to enlarge


TRANSIT UOMO (Photos courtesy of WHITE)

“Tradition, Value, Beauty” is an exhibiting project promoted by WHITE to shine a light on the most established businesses, which have taken and keep taking the excellence of the Made in Italy around the world. Over the years, the show has welcomed the likes of Kiton, Lani cio F.lli Cerruti dal 1881, Care Label, TRC Candiani, down to Marsèll. The June edition will host in via Tortona 27 Superstudio Più, White Essentials, Style and Matter of the White Shirt, an emotional and sensorial narrative path that starts from the raw matter, the cotton seed, to become rst ower and then ock to then turn into yarn and ultimately fabric, thanks to the expertise of Albini Group, producer of the best cotton fabrics for shirts in the world. The focus of the show is on the colour white, as this pure white fabric represents the hardest challenge and allows illustrating the several facets of ‘white’ Albini can achieve. Within the exhibition the fabric white is also the indispensable ingredient that, as interpreted by the several designers involved in the project, has allowed creating items that widely differ one from another.

The second project with remarkable cultural connotation is Ramponi Award, contest conceived and sponsored by Alfredo Ramponi, under the banner of patronage for young fashion talents, a path taken since the very onset of Ramponi Award. The spin-off Talent Network Award Ramponi ireprsents the award’s new stage, inaugurating a fruitful dialogue with the culture of the product and the designers who were awarded in the previous editions of the contest. The latter will reinterpret their creations according to the “Ramponi mood”. Alberto Zambelli (winner in February 2016), Francesca Castagnacci (awarded in June 2016), Linda Calugi-Twins Florence (winner of the September 2016 edition), Francesco D’Amico - Damico Milano (winner in January 2017) have been involved in the new format. WHITE has always supported the contest by providing exhibiting areas visited by the top buyers from across the globe. Thanks to the increasingly fruitful partnership with the contemporary fashion trade-show, the award bridges a gap in terms of initiatives conceived to support the fashion system.

NALPROJECT (Photo courtesy of WHITE)

Another keyword for the trade show is internationalism, both in terms of proposals and projects. Designer Poan, WHITE MAN & WOMAN Special Guest, will tread the catwalks with CNMI (see press release attached). Also at this edition of Milan’s Fashion Week, WHITE is present in the calendar thanks to the collaboration with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, which aims to shine a spotlight on the contemporary brands selected by WHITE. For the rst time in Italy, Poan, acronym for PEOPLES OF ALL NATIONS, was launched in 2015 by Austrian designer Weissacher, previously head designer for Vivienne Westwood, and now focused on his line to create an aesthetic link between history and culture his modern gentleman can draw from.

«The presence of Poan, promising and young brand picked among those present at WHITE, in the calendar of Milano Moda Uomo goes to show that the collaboration between all the actors of the system is increasingly gaining ground, thus imbuing the Fashion Week with new energy – so Carlo Capasa, President of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana - The fact that Wood Wood, which hit the catwalks for the rst time in Milan last season thanks to the collaboration between CNMI and WHITE, has decided to present again its collection at Milano Moda Uomo is certainly worthy of notice».

«POAN - says Georg Weissacher, designer and founder of the brand - is deeply honoured to be introducing in Milan, in June, the Spring/Summer 2018 collection “The Phenomenon of Man” with WHITE and Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana. We look forwards to inspiring and arousing curiosity by introducing a luxury line designed in London and produced in Florence, thanks to a fashion show that aims to encourage a few considerations on our existence, inspired from the philosophy of scientist and theologian Pierre Teilhard de Chardin». The eclectic London-based brand personi es multiculturalism and shows a creative attitude capable of embracing the most diverse cultures and the taste of every one, regardless of their place of origin. The focus is on contemporary knitwear, with graphic jerseys to be matched with sweatshirts and sets in precious fabrics. The production is fully made in Italy.

QVIN FLORENCE (Photo courtesy of WHITE)

Under the banner of the scouting activity performed by WHITE to take to Milan the best international labels, the two projects: REVOLVER INSIDE WHITE and SEOUL FASHION WEEK. This edition the collaboration between the Milanese trade-fair and Copenhagen’s trade show has evolved considerably, indeed the REVOLVER INSIDE WHITE section has almost reached 40 brands on show – which goes to show the growing interest for the ready to wear for men and for the Northern European womenswear. The project, which is now a new section, is all set to accommodate at ex Ansaldo in via Tortona 54 labels like Libertine- Libertine, Rains, DEADWOOD, PackMack, S.N.S. Herning, Soulland, Journal.

«We are really enthusiastic about this important development in our collaboration with WHITE and about the presence of REVOLVER in Milan during the Fashion Week. We strongly believe that Milan, from now on, will offer us new and several business opportunities», says Christian Maibom, creative director and founder of Copenhagen’s trade show. The industrial setting of ex Ansaldo, in Tortona 54, has been revamped and widened with a new area accommodating 40 Northern European brands and it celebrates the syntony with WHITE’s aesthetic vision, which bets on a combination of design, sportswear inspirations and fashion with focus on quality and accessible price point.

WOOD WOOD, the Danish cutting-edge brand is coming back to WHITE MAN & WOMAN and on the catwalks. Following last January’s fashion show at BASE in via Bergognone, which has sanctioned its international success, a new chapter of the high-end sportswear aesthetics designed by Karl-Oskar Olsen, creative director of the brand, is about to go on show. «The support offered by WHITE last January – says Olsen - has enabled us to make interesting contacts with new clients, moreover it has guaranteed an effective press coverage. Our presence here means that the brand now has all it requires to success internationally». This year too, WOOD WOOD’s presence in Milan results from the collaboration between the Milanese trade show and REVOLVER, Copenhagen’s trade-fair, in the framework of the project REVOLVER INSIDE WHITE.

CONTEMPOH (Photo courtesy of WHITE)

Again at ex Ansaldo, WHITE con rms its scouting vocation with the renewed area WOW, hosting 12 designers from across the globe, true crown jewel of an increasingly avant-garde scouting. The event bets on a new concept combining experimentation with a sportswear twist. Among the brands selected there are: Heliot Emil, Sobec Rebuild, Frolov, Arrabal Project, Letasca, LAT by Amadeo Tambutto, just to mention a few. At this edition WOW’s retail partner is H LORENZO, Los Angeles cult store that will select a designer for an exclusive capsule collection.

On stage at Ansaldo also the new section “AHEAD – Athleisure for the future” curated by Tomorrow, international showroom based in London that will present at WHITE some of the most innovative athleisure brands through a special multi-sensorial installation.

The recent agreement between the trade show and Seoul Fashion Week will further grab the attention of buyers and insiders alike. The latter is set to exhibit 20 brands in Tortona 27 approximately, as testimonials of the Asian creativity. Among them Dozoh (label created by designer Dongwook Jo Choo, who graduated at London College of Fashion and is now focused on a modernist menswear), ATM and Nal Project (womenswear brand exploring all the facets of modern-day aesthetics). 1L studio and CONTEMPOH open up novel visions on contemporary jewellery.

These important international agreements go to show that WHITE MAN & WOMAN is increasingly the contemporary destination for cutting-edge menswear and for the womenswear pre-collections from across the globe, contributing to focus the attention of the international buyers on the trade show and on its exhibitors.

ETCH (Photo courtesy of WHITE)

«The success of the events abroad and of the latest road shows in New York and Los Angeles demonstrates how appealing the segment of contemporary fashion we represent is both for the buyers and the international press. Thanks to the many promotional activities we have carried out abroad during the last few months in Shanghai, Paris and Dubai, some top fashion buyers have con rmed their presence to WHITE MAN & WOMAN,- in June. Furthermore, thanks to strategic partnerships like Seoul Fashion Week, there will be a noteworthy presence of Korean fashion designers. In keeping with the collaboration among the sector’s players, a new format has been dedicated to the Milanese showrooms, so as to create a real support network connecting White, the showrooms and the brands», says Brenda Bellei, CEO of M.SEVENTY-WHITE.

At the heart of the show lies the MAN & WOMAN area, with an exclusive exhibiting concept capable of showcasing the menswear and womenswear collections together. Among the highlights of the section the special area dedicated to SARTORIAL MONK, brand founded by Sabàto Russo combining the Japanese tradition with a contemporary minimalism and Made in Italy sartorial air. Roberto Collina’s chromatic talent, the sobriety of Alpha Studios knitwear and the re ned everyday mood of 8PM, to mention just a few. The trade show’s guest, POAN, is as cosmopolitan as his roots. Austrian, though based in London, the designer’s aesthetics embraces the most diverse cultures and echoes from the world. Streetwear with a military twist for Maharishi – from the Sanskrit, Great Seer – London-based label founded in 1994 by Hardy Blechman, a master in camou age styling. Dublin’s Stighlorgan is an accessories brand combining everyday mood with minimalistic aesthetics, while French Majestic Filatures is a Paris-based label of premium T-shirts. As regards the accessories - another strength of the trade show - Rocco P’s footwear, merging craftsmanship tradition and modern design, is certainly worthy of notice.

WOOD WOOD (Photo courtesy of WHITE)

The BASEMENT, which represents a bridge between avant-garde and contemporary design, is the reference point for those looking for the most experimental design. This area hosts brands like ANNTIAN, label born in 2006 from the fantasy of Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt, who have chosen to illustrate their aesthetic stories through sustainibility and the use of ecological bres. Another outstanding name is HENRIK VIBSKOV. This polyhedral fashion designer can hardly be described in a few words, and his fashion is just like him: as unpredictable as the spur of the moment. Austrian brand born in 2006, House of the Very Island stands out owing to its ethical approach, the use of environment-friendly and sustainable products, and, above all, its genderless vanguard style. Peter Non, absolutely Italian label despite its exotic name, propagates with its footwear an image of pure design that transcends the mere function of wearing a pair of shoes. Barbara Alan’s sculptural design is another asset of this section.

The third edition of IT’S TIME TO CONTEMPORAY ARTISAN, project conceived to identify and make the most of the best Made in Italy handicraft collections, sees the collaboration between WHITE and Confartigianato Imprese, under the banner of MIAC (Moda Italiana Artigiani Contemporary). Among the brands on show at WHITE ARTISAN LOUNGE, the following stand out: Alex, owing to its footwear creativity, GIAMPIERONICOLA, owing to its expertise, Valentino Orlandi’s accessories, Nemesi’s jewels, Patrizia Pozzato’s whispered elegance and many more, which together make up a bouquet of 12 outstanding talents that are worth keeping under the radar.

WHITE’s communication network can now boast a new dowel, WHITE MAGAZINE, which, starting from the upcoming issue, to be released with the opening of the trade-fair, has become a authentic magazine with photo shootings curated by the trade show, focus on the businesses on show, analysis of the most evocative trends, interviews with the designers and prestigious journalists, as well as exceptional commentators. The magazine’s assets are the top distribution channels, both in Milan, during Milan Fashion Week, and in Paris during the French fashion week.

NEHERA (Photo courtesy of WHITE)

In 2016 Max Bizzi and Gisella Borioli, founder of SuperstudioPiù, have launched the brand Tortona Fashion District. In order to make the most of this territorial excellence, one of the most dynamic for the fashion system, since September 2016 Edizioni Modem, in partnership with Tortona Fashion District, have launched ‘’Modem Map - Tortona Fashion District’’ which is released during the 4 Milanese fashion weeks (January and June for the menswear collections / February and September for the womenswear collections).

In the wake of the success of the January and February 2017 editions, the project For Marche - Food For Good, conceived by Map Communication, is, yet again, going to delight the guests of the upcoming edition of WHITE. Thanks to this initiative, designed to aid the businesses hit by the recent earthquakes in Central Italy, WHITE Food and Wine areas will host the food and wine products by some business from the region Marche. The absolute protagonists will be the little rms based near the Sibillini mountains, in the little towns and hamlets devastated by the quake. WHITE has made its areas available for these producers who will have thus a chance to show their premium food and wine products to a vast and international audience. 
Source: WHITE

KEUNI (Photos courtesy of WHITE)



LAST SOLE (Photos courtesy of WHITE)

17 - 19 June 2017

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