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5 Questions
You Should Be Asking Your Hairstylist

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When we sit in that salon chair, we can sometimes be inundated with so much visual input—magazines, hair colour charts — and be pressured to make so many decisions on the spot that we can sometimes end up making bad choices, or just going along with whatever our hairstylists suggest … and then end up with a haircut we’re less than satisfied with.

However, our hairstylists want us to like our new hair! So to ensure both parties are on the same page, it’s imperative to ask them some essential questions that will give you the best look even after your hairstyling sesh.

Here are five questions you should be asking your hairstylist:

1. How healthy are my hair and scalp?

Have your hairstylist rate the overall health of your hair and scalp based on a scale of one to five. This allows your hairstylist to give you an honest opinion and dish some — perhaps harsh — truths about your hair care regime. He or she may also recommend hair products and treatments to whip your hair back into shape (if it is in poor condition) and get to the root of any hair problems

Healthy hair depends on a healthy scalp — maintaining a healthy scalp is just as important as repairing damaged hair. So don’t dismiss dryness, itchiness, or greasiness issues. Leave-in treatments can help to restore amino acids in the hair and make your hair stronger and healthier, while a repairing treatment may be recommended to deep-condition dry and/or itchy scalp and remove any build-up.

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2. “What hairstyles best suit my face shape?”

Many women tend to bring in a bunch of photos of celebrities and supermodels and request for their hairstyles. Problem is, they don’t have similar facial features as those celebrities. Any hairstylist worth his/her salt should be able to advise you on how you can adjust your dream hairstyle to best suit your features.

For instance, if you have a small forehead, bangs are not your best friend. If you have defined cheekbones, face-framing layers help to soften your features. To highlight your favourite feature, say, your lips, request for a layer that falls around there. A good hairstylist will be able to tell you what suits you best and bring out your best features.

Also, a lot of those celebrity images that customers bring in are looks that have been painstakingly perfected in the studio. So if your lifestyle doesn’t allow that much time required to style this look daily, maybe it’s not the best hairstyle for you.

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3. “How often should I shampoo my hair?”

You’ve probably heard that it’s not ideal to shampoo your hair every day. But how how long you can actually go without laying on the lather? Depending on your hair type, your hairstylist should be able to advise you on your scalp cleansing regime.

For instance, those with coarse hair can go a few days longer without shampooing than those with fine hair. This can also help to solve scalp problems you may be facing — if you have an oily scalp or are experiencing dryness or itchiness, it could be due to over- or under-washing for your hair type. Find out exactly what works best for you and get your stylist to make a recommendation.

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4. “How can I maintain upkeep of my new hairstyle?”

It can be frustrating to leave your salon with a rocking ‘do only to have it gone after the first wash. Watch how your hairstylist styles your hair after the cut and ask how you can do it on your own. They might be able to offer quick, easy tips to get the look you want. While hair care salon is great to achieve a stylish look, it is imperative to know when to cut hair for growth as natural maintenance is always the best solution for healthy-looking hair.

Taking care of your hairstyle or hair colour at home helps to maintain your ‘do for longer. Your hairstylist isn’t simply trying to sell you products, but trying to help you maintain your hairstyle until your next appointment. Your home hair care regimen can make or break your new look.

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5. “How soon should I schedule my next appointment?”

It’s important to know how frequently you will need to return to the salon, because then you can gauge how much maintenance it needs and whether it suits your lifestyle, budget, and schedule.

Let your hairstylist know how often you can revisit the salon and how much time you have to style your hair each day so that he or she can adjust your cut or colour to work for you. If you don’t have time to go back every three to four weeks for basic upkeep, your hairstylist should recommend an alternative hairstyle or something a little more forgiving.

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What are some questions you wish to ask your hairstylist? Share them in the Comments section and we may just pick your question to answer!

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