Sunday, May 28, 2017


By Lisa Doherty

Spring/Summer Beauty Trends

Ombre lips (Photo courtesy of Red)

In 2016, we witnessed the beauty industry take some steep risks when it came to beauty. Gone are the days of only one beauty trend making headlines. In the eighties, it was blue, pigmented eye shadow, and in the 90’s it was brown lips and pale skin tones. Today, there are numerous trends that are acceptable at any given time, and makeup artists, stylists and trendsetters are nothing but in love with it.

This year, we witnessed many amazing beauty products and trends on the runways that are quickly becoming popular in everyone’s day to day style. Whether you are looking for subtle attention, or wow-factor, these trends will be sure to keep you up with what is hot on the beauty scene today.

Glossy Eyelids 

This easy, yet subtle look was seen on almost every runway in 2017. From Paris to Toronto, this look caught the attention of celebrities, stylists, bloggers and onlookers. Some beauty lines have palettes for this look and they can be found in any beauty store. It is such a simple technique, so you don’t have to have any great skill when applying it. Simply dab some gloss on your finger and smooth it all over your eyelid and voila! 

Photo courtesy of Byrdie

Pastel Colours

Spring is always a great time to wear pastels, and now, it is also trendy to wear them on your lips, cheeks and eyes. It has become so popular that Kat Von D has created her own Pastel Palette that is selling out all over North America. However, this trend can also be too much it you are putting it everywhere on your face. Stick to one area to make it stand out. Too much of a good thing can be bad. For example, if you want your lips to stand out, wear a pastel pink and keep the eyes neutral, and vice versa, if you want your eyes to stand out with a pastel green or blue, keep the lips subtle.

Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images 

Sparkle/Glitter Lips

This is an amazing way to make your entire look glam! If you are looking to jazz up a casual outfit, or want attention brought to your face, but don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, this look is for you. Glitter lips emerged on the scene in 2016, and they are becoming even more popular in 2017. Stila carries a product called Lip Top Coat. It is made to put on top of your lipstick or stain to create the glitter effect. This is currently a favourite look for designers and makeup artists all over the world.

Photo courtesy of Boots

Ombre Lips

Ombre Lips are also a great way to make a statement. With a little bit of practice, this technique can add a unique pop to your beauty routine. We also saw this look on the runways and the beauty teams were using unique and bold colours like blue and orange, or purple mixed with pink to create this look. Simply put on your lipstick and use a darker colour to line your lips, then blend them together with a blending brush. This look may take some patience, but once you master it, you won’t be disappointed.

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