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By Lisa Doherty

Toronto Women’s Fashion Week FW17
Makeup Trends

Backstage at MIKAEL D. (Photo by Nick Merzetti / Courtesy of TWFW)

For the first ever Toronto Women’s Fashion Week, the Maybelline team was on point. Organized and tenacious, each stylist was able to pull off some new and unique looks that the designers had envisioned. This is not easy for makeup artists. It takes a great deal of artistic talent to re-create a designer’s thought, and they did it beautifully.

Maybelline was also on hand to provide mini makeovers and touch ups to the guests attending the runway shows. They featured their Bold Matte lipstick this year, and is comprised of 69 different shades. Their feature shade was Almond Rose, which they handed out to many of the volunteers, industry members and guests. Working tirelessly for many hours, the makeup artists then used these products in the runway shows. Those of us who were onlookers, were drawn to the creativity and new trends coming out in 2017.

Backstage at Shelli Oh (Photos by Nick Merzetti / Courtesy of TWFW)


Backstage at Stephan Caras

Backstage at Luis Padilla (Photos by Nick Merzetti / Courtesy of TWFW)


Metallic gold shades were a consistent theme throughout TWFW. Whether it was Luis Padilla’s Golden lips or the Toronto Fashion School’s golden glittery eyelids, each of these looks created a fierce, wearable trend. A bronzy metallic contour was often featured throughout the course of the week in almost every show. In particular, Hendrixroe and Peggy Sue kept it simple with only placing a metallic, bronze on the cheeks, and eyelids of their models, while keeping the rest of the face as a blank canvas.

Luis Padilla Fall/Winter 2017 (Photo by Che Rosales / Courtesy of TWFW)

Luis Padilla Fall/Winter 2017 (Photo by Che Rosales / Courtesy of TWFW)

Dark Lips

Berry and Merlot lip colours were all the rage at TWFW, which means that this already very popular trend will continue to make waves in 2017. It is a trend that looks good on everyone, especially if you do not like to wear a lot of eye makeup. Michael D., Lesley Hampton, The Toronto Film School and Shelli Oh all featured this trend while keeping the rest of the makeup subtle. 

ROCH Fall/Winter 2017 (Photo by Shayne Gray / Courtesy of TWFW)

Unique Trends

Luis Padilla was among the designers to create something new and edgy for his collection with the use of red/pink lipstick around the peripheral of the model’s eyes. Paired with metallic lips, it made a bold statement and makeup artists were swooning.

The double eyeliner featured in Mikael D.’s show was perfection. Each model was given a beautiful cat eye, with another wing of eyeliner across the arch of the eyelid. This look is not easy to pull off, as it can be difficult to have that edge, but still make it appear classy. 

MIKAEL D. Fall/Winter 2017 (Photo by Shayne Gray / Courtesy of TWFW)

Bushy Eyebrows

Gorgeous, full and thick eyebrows often stole the show on the runway. Show after show, we were seeing bold eyebrows and lips paired together. Di Carlo Couture, and Toronto Fashion School both made this a staple in their makeup blueprint.

Di Carlo Couture Fall/Winter 2017 (Photo courtesy of TWFW)

Di Carlo Couture Fall/Winter 2017 (Photo courtesy of TWFW)

The opposite side of the coin was displayed throughout Zoran Dobric’s show, which had the model’s lips and eyebrows concealed to blend in with their skin, creating an artistic washed out appearance. 

Zoran Dobric Fall/Winter 2017 (Photo by Che Rosales / Courtesy of TWFW)

Zoran Dobric Fall/Winter 2017 (Photo by Che Rosales / Courtesy of TWFW)

This year there were many new, but also wearable makeup options on display at Toronto Women’s Fashion Week, many of which we as makeup artists took quick note of. We appreciated the art, and creativity that went in to each look that we hope to continue to see in the future.


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