Tuesday, March 14, 2017


By ZCOOP Singapore

Milan Fashion Week

Photo courtesy of ZCOOP Singapore

Undoubtedly the world’s fashion capital, this is the one place to keep an eye out for sleek designs and impressive street styles. This Spring/Summer, keep a look out for accessible runway outfits that we can adapt for our sunny island climate.

Pajama Stripes

This trend is catching on pretty quick. Opt for large vertical stripes and keep it to two colours for a simple, homely look. Bonus points if you found striped pants with a silky fabric. Keep it from looking tacky by pairing it with vertical stripes of a different colour.

Photo courtesy of ZCOOP Singapore (Click to enlarge)

Photo courtesy of ZCOOP Singapore

Game On

The World Cup is coming up soon. Expect to see more football-inspired outfits or clothing with sports twist. Jersey shirts or wearing your favourite team shirt with jeans is generally a good way to look chic. Be daring and wear it with a floral pencil skirt for that feminine touch.

Photo courtesy of ZCOOP Singapore


Dusty pink was everywhere in 2016. It was on our hair, nails, makeup and finally it is on our clothes. How can anyone not fall in love with this colour? Reminiscent of spring it is a fresh take on pastels. What I love about this shade is that you can class it up with a metallic fabric or opt for a muted one for the day.

Photos courtesy of ZCOOP Singapore

Photos courtesy of ZCOOP Singapore

Lemon Yellow

Sunshine, daisies and butter mellow have got nothing on this lemon yellow. Cheerful and bright, it is the colour we all need in our wardrobes after a messy year in 2016. Uplifting, hopeful and inspiring, it is the right shade of yellow we need to turn this year around. If you’re afraid of wearing this colour on its own, try pairing it with a dark brown for a 70s vibe or a navy blue to get that professional edge.

Photo courtesy of ZCOOP Singapore

Unlike the showstoppers from New York and London Fashion Week, Milan’s is less over-the-top and gives room for creativity in assembling our outfit.

Photo courtesy of ZCOOP Singapore

Which trend is the most absurd from Fashion Week or which designer did not disappoint? Share your thoughts with us! If you love this article, share the love.



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