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By Lisa Doherty

Toronto Women’s Fashion Week FW17
Hair Inspiration

Backstage (Photo by Nick Merzetti / Courtesy of TWFW)

Toronto Fashion Week never disappoints when it comes to hair and makeup. This year, Maybelline and Redken Canada sponsored the very first ever Toronto Women’s Fashion Week #TW. They turned each of the models, and the designers pieces into fantastic works of art.

Toronto Women’s Fashion Week was successful and needless to say, the creativity on the runway was stunning and appreciated by those who understand the hard work, tenacity and countless hours that the designers and their teams put into their collections. Part of each look, is creating a story through hair and makeup that draws the crowd in. This year, there were so many incredible and inspiring makeup and hair styles that made jaws drop, and we are hoping that some of them become popular trends with every day street style.

Hair Accessories

Nothing was more prevalent on the runway this year than accessorized hair. Di Carlo Couture featured fascinators with windblown hair, and they designed them to appear modern and stylish. Lesley Hampton featured gold jewellery delicately and intricately placed on the crown of the model’s head to show off a more regal look. Evan Bidell (Project Runway Canada’s Winner) took it one step further, placing faceless masks on the backs of the models heads which was not only edgy, but a showstopper.

Di Carlo Couture Fall/Winter 2017 (Photo by Nick Merzetti / Courtesy of TWFW)

Lesley Hampton Fall/Winter 2017 (Photo by Che Rosales / Courtesy of TWFW)


Slicked back hair was consistent in many of the runway shows throughout the course of TWFW. From the slicked back, knotted pony tails displayed by the Toronto Fashion School students to Luis Padilla’s slicked back, gelled bangs, it was a theme that stood out, in hopes to bring more attention to the designs, makeup, and pieces being featured in the collection.

Jordana Séguin / Toronto Film School (Photo by Nick Merzetti / Courtesy of TWFW)

Fluffy teased hair made a strong presence as well. Whether the model’s hair was down and feathered, or up in a bun, the hairstylists were able to create a messy style that still made the overall look remain classy. Lesley Hampton, and Hendrixroe featured curly teased hair that made us want to go on a back-combing binge.

Hendrixroe Fall/Winter 2017 (Photo by Shayne Gray / Courtesy of TWFW)

Hendrixroe Fall/Winter 2017 (Photo by Shayne Gray / Courtesy of TWFW)

Classic up-dos are always a staple in any fashion show, but the designers and hair stylists at TWFW debuted new, edgy and modern ways to show off an up-do.

Stephan Caras displayed a classic chignon with a flowing ringlet to the side, while Shelli Oh and Mikael D’s early 1900s inspired twists were intricate and sophisticated. The purpose of the up-do in a fashion show, is often a flag by the designers saying “I want to focus on the garment.” Interestingly enough, the shows which displayed these gorgeous hairstyles, were the ones that displayed ball gowns, wedding dresses, and pieces that took months to make.

Fashion designer Stephan Caras (Photo by Nick Merzetti / Courtesy of TWFW)

Backstage at Stephan Caras (Photo by Nick Merzetti / Courtesy of TWFW)

Each of the hairstyles displayed at Fashion Week were inspiring to say the least. Some were classic, others were intimidating yet exciting. We can only hope that we will see some of them more often, and hopefully it will inspire new trends and creative ways for the general public to show off their locks.

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