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PORTS 1961 Menswear Spring Summer 2018

Milan Fashion Week SS 2018 (Photos courtesy of PORTS 1961) Click to enlarge

MILAN, ITALY - The spring-summer Ports 1961 menswear collection is a celebration of diversity, strength and optimism. 

Fashion reflects the world around us. In a time of challenge, fear and disillusion, it is the creative person's role to try to deliver a message of love and hope. For the past several seasons, Milan Vukmirovic has been exploring the urgency of love and the importance of fraternity, unity and solidarity. 

Inspired by Jean Michel Basquiat’s work and personal style, African cool-setters and the hip-hop scene in New York in the early Eighties, Milan Vukmirovic presents an upbeat collection with a very positive message. Brimming with color and meaning, this collection is a window that opens to the world and defends the richness of difference. 

Milan Fashion Week SS 2018 (Photo courtesy of PORTS 1961)

Photo courtesy of PORTS 1961

This season, Ports 1961 draws in equal measures on street culture, contemporary dress and local artisans. Embroidery and prints point to far horizons. 

This collection is, in its own way, a message of solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement that began in the street and on social media in 2012. The fight against violence and for justice for black people resonates today in an even wider, bigger way. 


Milan Fashion Week SS 2018 (Photos courtesy of PORTS 1961)

Photos courtesy of PORTS 1961


Ports was founded in 1961, by Luke Tanabe, a Canadian entrepreneur. The company began as a business that imported silk from Japan, but gradually evolved to become an upscale women’s clothier with a reputation of making well-crafted garment. By 1966, the company was renamed Ports International, reflecting Tanabe’s itinerant spirit of global travel - a distinctive characteristic that would become the defining narrative of Ports.
The spirit of travel influenced the expansion of Ports. By the mid 1970s, the company expanded its retail store operations throughout much of Canada and into the United States. It was also during this period that Ports launched their signature menswear line. By 1983 the company began to open signature boutiques in international locations, including London’s famed Bond Street.

The mid 1980s brought new leadership to Ports and also a new design vision. It was during this period that Ports began to rebrand itself from a classically inspired town and country clothier to a contemporary designer label. Most notably was the appointment of Dean and Dan Caten, as head co-designers, where the designing duo honed their craft and introduced a new look of youthful exuberance into the Ports brand.        

Milan Fashion Week SS 2018 (Photos courtesy of PORTS 1961)

Photos courtesy of PORTS 1961

The mid 1990s saw many changes to Ports. It was during this period that Ports shifted focus away from the West and looked towards the East. With the liberalization of the Chinese economy, Ports aggressively opened stores. As a pioneer in the nascent luxury market, Ports made a lasting impact in China by introducing fashion consciousness to the Chinese consumers through early support of the global fashion media. By the end of the millennium, Ports had over 300 stores in Hong Kong and Greater China.

The mid 2000s marked another turning point, with the return of Ports to the West. Under the newly launched Ports 1961 label, Ports opened new stores in Canada and the United States. In 2004, Ports relocated its design office to New York City where it launched its men and ladies’ ready-to-wear collection. In 2007, Ports opened its New York flagship store, in the heart of the historic Meat Market District.

The new decade of the 2010s saw further changes once again, as Ports 1961 followed its itinerant spirit - this time focusing attention towards Europe. In 2011, Ports 1961 relocated its design office to Milan, Italy. In 2013, Ports 1961 opened its flagship store in Paris’ famed rue Saint HonorĂ©, in addition to stores and retail outlets in the UK, continental Europe, and the Middle East. 
Source: Ports 1961

Milan Fashion Week SS 2018 (Photos courtesy of PORTS 1961)

Photos courtesy of PORTS 1961


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  1. As usual stunning post, I'm loving the dresses! So many good options.Thanks for sharing such beautiful summer fashion collection for mens.


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