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By Eva Fydrych

Have you heard of the LAWO App yet?

Photos courtesy of LAWO (拉我) and by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine

Welcome to the LAWO App! An authentic style advisor that helps everyday people improve what they wear, update their personal style, and start making better purchase decisions.

BEIJING – Available worldwide for iOS and Android (China included), LAWO is a new style and fashion advisory app platform providing social feeds, style and fashion related blogs, and online ratings and advice from professional stylists (free and for hire), fashion professionals, and everyday people. The application offers user customized displays, direct chats, clickable links, and - what's really refreshing - NO ads.

Select fashion professionals are also invited to list with a certified account, which includes Fashion Pro (stylist), Designer, Blogger, Brand, Model, and Photographer. Display screens such as Following, Trending, and Ranking can be customized by the user via a filter selection of various user types and fashion categories. 

The concept was born when the founder, an American living in China, was out shopping with several female friends who solicited his advice to help decide what to wear and purchase for an upcoming interview, date, and formal party. Recognizing that a large majority of women (and men) make what is arguably their most important daily decision based on unreliable advice suggested by spouses, friends, and salespeople, he decided to self-fund a clean and genuine advice giving platform that is free from ads, and keen on helping individuals “look good, feel good, and perform better.” 

Creating your profile is super fast and easy (Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)


Using LAWO fashion app is very straightforward and easy. Just follow the steps below and have fun!

1. REGISTER - Register via Wechat, QQ, Weibo, Facebook, or *Mobile Phone Number (*currently just for China).

2. POST PHOTOS - Upload photos, add hashtags, browse other user photos, follow and make new friends and fans.

3. FASHION ADVICE - Browse through your list of fans and followers along with fashion pros and celebrities to solicit fashion advice, outfit recommendations, and even shopping assistance.

4. FASHION BLOGS - Read professional fashion blogs and news from the USA, Canada, France, Italy, Singapore as well as from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Photo courtesy of LAWO (Click to enlarge)

Photo courtesy of LAWO


  • Hire genuine and affordable stylists for online beauty, style, fashion advice, personal shopping, gift finding 
  • Have direct access to the worldwide fashion community (including China, which is unblocked) 
  • Read from a curated international collection of informative style and fashion blogs 
  • Utilize clickable web-links in post text driving traffic to one’s own website 
  • Customize displays by user type(s) and fashion category(ies) via user control, not forced machine control 
  • Enjoy a clean and authentic ad-free environment focused on style, fashion, and advice 

LAWO app is available in both English and Chinese (Photo courtesy of LAWO)

WHY LAWO (拉我)?

May Zheng, the creator of the LAWO concept, says, “With the majority of fashion apps focusing on shopping, we wanted to create a social app that was first and foremost focused on providing a platform for users to obtain reliable and useful feedback in their seemingly never-ending quest to become more fashionable. My personal feeling is that when a social platform commercializes itself, such as with shopping, it loses its sense of genuineness and overall user appeal as there is now an overriding objective of selling products to users. LAWO on the other hand is keenly focused on helping its users become more fashionable, self-confident, popular, and happy. The app has been painstakingly designed to fit this purpose, with specific focus on value creation for users and partners alike, high app speed and response, a clean and simple design, and easy to use features and functions.”

LAWO provides its users with a way to define who they are, to re-define who they can and want to be, and to ultimately reveal a confident new self to the rest of the world.

Getting started (Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)


  • LAWO app is user-friendly, visually pleasant, and easy to navigate
  • It is available both in English and Chinese which makes it a great platform to connect with people from various backgrounds and to enter Asian market / get new fans and followers for your business
  • Users can share their looks to other social networks
  • There are no ads!
  • LAWO app is FREE and available for both iOS and Android

About Wecare, Ltd. 

Wecare, Ltd. was founded in March 2015 in Beijing, China. It is intent on identifying and launching new products that improve the lives of individuals in meaningful ways. This is the second of two released apps.

Learn more at www.lawoapp.com 
Weibo: 北京众爱
Instagram: lawoapp


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