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By Samantha Braddy

How to Prepare Your Skin before Makeup

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Makeup is an amazing tool that we can use to empower ourselves, make us feel better and overall boost our mood and confidence. However, wearing makeup can sometimes take its toll, so your number one priority should be taking good care of your skin. Here is how to prepare before you dive into your makeup routine.


The biggest part of skincare is proper cleaning. You can have the best creams in the world, but they won’t do you any good unless your skin is clean before you apply them. So use a good, natural cleanser every morning and evening, to get rid of any impurities in your skin that might cause you to break out. If your cleanser is not doing a good job removing makeup, then remove all the product from your face with a makeup remover before washing it.


We, as humans, shed our skin constantly, but dead skin cells can sit on top of the new ones and give our skin a bumpy texture. The best way to get rid of this excess skin is to exfoliate. Use a good product that doesn’t feel too harsh on the skin, or simply mix your own by combining granulated sugar, honey and some lemon juice. Don’t exfoliate more than twice per week, or you’ll risk damaging your skin by taking too much off.

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A toner is a product that stands true to its name: it tones your skin. Applying a toner means that all red areas of your face will be under control and you will have a much better complexion. This is especially useful if you don’t like wearing foundation and like to go more bare-faced.


This is an optional step, but if you have any imperfections on your face, a serum will go a long way with helping you combat those. Your serum needs to be of high quality and pharmaceutically tested, as well as the appropriate type for your skin. You can apply it to your whole face, or spot-treat where needed.

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Eye cream

The most delicate skin on your face is around the eyes, and it deserves extra care – and extra product. If you read the labels, a lot of products will say to avoid applying it around the eyes, because their delicate surface can get inflamed and irritated very easily. Use a good moisturizing eye cream to breathe some life into your skin and prevent baggy eyes and early wrinkles.


Most women know that the worst enemy of your makeup routine – and face – is dry skin. Having dry skin will not only prevent your makeup from going on smoothly, but it can also cause break outs, irritation and even cracking of the skin. However, you don’t want to slather on the first thing you reach, because everything that goes on your skin should be natural and organic like vegan makeup and cosmetics. By using a natural moisturizer from a brand like Mukti, you are ensuring that you are not only getting what is best for your skin, but what is best for the environment as well.

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Don’t be fooled into thinking that you only need to apply sunscreen at the peak of summer. Your skin needs protection from the sun’s harmful rays all year round, and if none of your other products contain a high enough SPF, you will want to apply a thin layer of sunscreen, right after your moisturizer.


Finally, why go through all that work, just to have your makeup slide off a couple of hours later? To prevent this from happening, apply a good primer that will lock in your skincare and give your makeup a base to latch onto, so it will stay in place all day long.

Of course, don’t forget to visit your local spa for a full spa day with a relaxing facial to really give your skin a boost – you deserve it!

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Samantha Braddy is a beauty writer at High Style Life magazine. Samantha has an unhealthy adoration for fashion, beauty, and health, so she combined her passions to write about them.

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