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By Eva Fydrych

Glamorous World
Of Ali Levine

Business logo (Photo courtesy of Ali Levine)

There is no doubt that wardrobe stylists are one of the most important people in fashion. They inspire and influence famous designers by reinterpreting their collections, add final touches to red carpet celebrity looks, and help fashion photographers fulfil their vision. They are often the first people to adopt new trends in the industry, giving their own insight on how new pieces are to be worn.

Ali Levine is an LA-based celebrity wardrobe stylist who is head-over-heels in love with fashion. Her work has been featured in many fashion and lifestyles magazines and she has collaborated with several well-known photographers, fashion designers, and celebrities. She is also a LAWO online personal stylist where she shares her knowledge and offers styling tips to her international clientele.

Print work (Photo courtesy of Ali Levine) Click to enlarge

Meet Ali Levine:

Celebrity wardrobe stylist Ali Levine (Photo by Ryan Hartford)

"Stimulated by the new designs, stylists come up with endless combinations, multiple ways to wear a given piece and alterations that sometimes infuriate designers and other times supply them with a new perspective. (...) Often the designer is deeply immersed in their artistic/technical world, creating intricate patterns and textures while the stylist tends to see more practical, down-to-earth issues such as if these clothes are functional, statement-making, occasion-appropriate, and matching their client’s profile." - School of Style

Print work (Photo courtesy of Ali Levine)

Red carpet look (Photo courtesy of Ali Levine)

Social Media Star

Thanks to her hard work, creativity, great eye for detail and passion for the industry, Ali managed to establish her name in one of the most difficult and competitive fields in the fashion industry. She has a huge social media following with over 40k fans on Instagram and over 20k followers on Twitter.

Asked for some practical fashion tips, Ali says: “Throughout all of my fashion ventures, I’ve discovered one thing: confidence is your best accessory.”

Print work (Photo courtesy of Ali Levine)

How To Wear It

There are many people who struggle with their personal image and don't really know how to combine different pieces together. They feel lost in the vast world of fashion trends and shopping options. They spend a lot of money and buy a lot of clothes, but in the end of the day they never look good and never feel happy.

That's where personal stylists come in handy. They can help you build your wardrobe from scratch, share practical shopping and styling tips, show you what clothes are best for your body type, what colour palette you should use, and how to make current fashion trends work for you. They will also help you choose the right accessories and teach you how to build a complete look for several occasions.

If you think that's something that could be helpful for you, download LAWO app and connect with Ali over there. She will be happy to create your perfect holiday look so this season you can be the star of the party!

Alice (Photo courtesy of Ali Levine)

Print work (Photo courtesy of Ali Levine)

Print work (Photo courtesy of Ali Levine)

"Stylists initiate the dialogue in fashion with suggestions that might be praised or refuted, or even modified to address other needs. Their high taste level and knack for innovation offer them the privilege to play with fashion, and ultimately bring the runway down to real life. In other words, they are the messengers of the industry, communicating everything fresh and cool to clients that are savvy for statements. Through them, even the edgiest styles are rapidly and massively digested. Their talent to adjust clothing and accessories to people’s profiles and lifestyles make them an inseparable part of the fashion chain. They explain and filter fashion to be understandable for all." - School of Style

Print work (Photo courtesy of Ali Levine)

Print work (Photo courtesy of Ali Levine)

Fashion Studio Magazine featured Ali's work a couple of years ago. Have a look! see other fashion professionals available on LAWO, click here.

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