Thursday, October 5, 2017


By Eva Fydrych

Jewellery for Fall 2017

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Your wardrobe is totally ready for fall…but what about your accessories?

After a couple of seasons of bold oversized jewellery that could be seen everywhere from fashion shows and magazine editorials to city streets of the main fashion capitals, it is now time to embrace simplicity.

Bold Spring/Summer 2017 season (Photos courtesy of Pinterest)

Have a look at some of our favourite runway looks from Fall/Winter 2017 shows below and notice that all the accessories suddenly got smaller and not so over-the-top as before:

Tory Burch, Brock Collection, Jonathan Simkhai, Victoria Beckham (Photos courtesy of Elle)

Magnificent Monograms

"With BB initials at Balenciaga, sparkling acronyms at Dior and golden monograms at Céline, following in the wake of the logomania gripping the catwalks, the jewelry was labelled in its own way." - Vogue Paris

Céline, Balenciaga, Dior (Photos courtesy of Vogue) Click to enlarge

Astrology Accessories

Fashion pendants were also present in many runway shows as they never really go out of style. They are easy to wear and look great with warmer fall outfits.

Add some elegance and individuality to your everyday style by wearing a gold pendant with your zodiac sign. It's a simple yet effective way to make your look more memorable.

Pair your pendant with an oversize blazer or a graphic sweatshirts for an edgy twist on the classic '80s trend.

14k gold Virgo Zodiac Pendant (Photo courtesy of M Ference & Co.)

Astrology pendants (Photos courtesy of Elle Sweden, Valentino, Zoe Report, Pinterest)

"From the enchanting talismans at Dior to the mystical pearls at Alberta Ferretti via the cosmic symbols at Chanel, the jewelry this season hid a secret." - Vogue Paris

Styling Tips

Fashion advice from our contributors and jewellery designers featured in Fashion Studio Magazine:

"Sometimes it’s the simplest jewelry that makes the biggest statement. Whilst too much bling can overwhelm the eye, a single, standout piece draws it in, focuses it, giving your ostensibly simple accessory an instant “wow” factor." - Naomi Shaw, fashion writer.

"Fashion is incomplete without accessories. Every moment is an opportunity for a fashion statement. With the perfect accessory, even the simplest outfit can be instantly glammed up. It’s either you live it or miss it." - Yahn Adam, jewellery artist from Singapore.

Fall style (Photo courtesy of Elle)

"Accessories can make or break an ensemble. Throw too many necklaces together that don’t quite mix, and you’ll end up looking like a haphazard mess. While less isn’t always more, each accessory should be chosen and worn with purpose. Coco Chanel once advised, "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off." I live by that quote, because inevitably removing one accessory—a piece of jewelry, a scarf or even a belt—pulls the look back into balance to make the outfit sing." - Naomi Shaw, fashion writer.

"Fashion jewellery is a way to express your individuality, personal style and mood! Fashion should be fun but above all make you look and feel great about yourself." - Fleur Gascoyne, founder of Fleur Elise Designs, Australia.

Enjoy the fall season in style!

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