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By Lisa Doherty

Rest Nest Float Club
Spa Review

Photo courtesy of Rest Nest Float Club

Yorkville Toronto is known for its glitz, glamour and upscale boutiques, restaurants, shops and pampering experiences. Among these amenities, is a quaint and unique spa that is located on Yorkville Avenue, called the Rest Nest Float Club. The Spa is separated into relaxation areas, private float rooms, a Yoga studio, massage rooms and a powder room. The relaxation areas provided comfortable sofas, filtered water, snacks and informative videos about floating. 

Each private floatation room contains a Dreampod float tank that has 10 inches of warm water saturated with Epsom salts (magnesium salts) that are completely dissolved. There is also a shower in each room for before and after your float. The salt concentration in the water allows you to float effortlessly for 60 minutes ( or more if desired) and replicates the wonders of the dead sea. The Rest Nest float club offers the option to have music playing for your session. You also have the option to have the lights in the pod on or off depending on the benefits you wish to achieve while floating peacefully and naturally on your back.

Photo courtesy of Rest Nest Float Club

Photo courtesy of Rest Nest Float Club

Benefits of floating

Floating provided a multitude of health and wellness benefits. Of course, the most common is relaxation. As your body becomes weightless and still in the water, you are able to ease your mind and escape from all the hustle and bustle of every day life. It has been proven to aid with memory, awareness, immunity and both quality and quantity of life. Other health benefits include improving your sleep, reducing stress, managing pain and magnesium absorption. It also creates a space for meditation for those looking to press their mental reset button. Another benefit to floating, often health care companies will cover the cost of the float. So make sure you look into your plan.

What is Unique about the Rest Nest Float Club?

This spa offers a unique approach to relaxation in a chic and well-established neighbourhood in Toronto. They are one of the catalyst facilities that offer this new trend, in the holistic approach to health. Before or after you have completed your float, you have the option to join a yoga class or have a massage, and the order of events is completely individualized. After spending a whole day at the Rest Nest Float Club, you will leave feeling de-stressed, aware and happier.

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21 Yorkville Ave
Toronto, ON M4W 1L1
Phone: +1 416-962-0003

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*Special thank you to Rest Nest Float Club for inviting Fashion Studio Magazine for the treatment.

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