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By Luke Douglas

Why You Should Add Amino Acids
to Your Skincare Routine

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Long adored by athletes due to its muscle-building properties, amino acids are usually one of the first things people turn to for sports performance. People have also been using it to burn fat and aid weight loss, but it would seem that the benefits don’t stop there. Indeed, research into amino acids gave us an insight into what else we can expect from these organic compounds, and the results are truly phenomenal – from smoother skin to fewer wrinkles, it would seem that skincare enthusiasts have plenty to look forward to. Want to know how these little babies can keep you looking young and beautiful? Then read on!

All the cool benefits

Dryness that you can’t seem to get rid of no matter which moisturizer you try? Well, we might have found your solution right here – various amino acids interact with your body cells to help them retain moisture, and they’re especially useful when you need to rehydrate in winter. Not only that, they can prevent the breakdown of collagen as we age, so you can look forward to supple, youthful skin for a long time. The wrinkle-fighting benefits are really intense, so if you’re worried about fine lines and loss of elasticity, this is definitely something that can help. Collagen also works to protect us from the UV damage, so if you pair amino acids with regular use of sunscreen, you’ll be giving your skin the best treatment possible. 

Of course, just like the athletes use them to promote healthy muscles, we can use them to aid tissue repair and help our skin heal. This is important if you have recently suffered an injury, however it can also aid with scarring and hyperpigmentation. Whether the spots on your skin are leftover acne scars, sun damage, or something else, amino acids can help the building blocks of your skin regenerate the tissue and brighten your face.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Oxidative stress

It’s also worth noting that certain amino acids (acetyl L-carnitine) have shown to reduce oxidative stress and promote better metabolism, which can the reverse age-related metabolic decline. What does this all mean? Well, oxidative stress is the imbalance between the production of free radicals and our body’s ability to prevent their harmful effects. It’s what leads to our skin wrinkling up and degrading, so what you’re getting here is basically yet another way that amino acids can help in our relentless fight against the signs of aging

Which ones to use

Out of twenty amino acids, eight are considered essential because our body doesn’t produce them on its own and we can only get them from food. Some amino acids are more effective than others in skincare, and the ones you want to look out for are glutamine, arginine, histidine, glycine, proline, leucine, and especially acetyl L-carnitine. Seriously, something like Solgar Acetyl L-Carnitine supplements could really aid your skin to combat imperfections, slow down aging, and regenerate tissue, but it’s also known to improve brain function and keep your central nervous system healthy. Some studies suggests that this amino acid could even be beneficial in fighting off symptoms of depression. 

Another great thing to use would be the Dermalogica AGE Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery because of its high amino acid content, in addition to a bunch of other useful ingredients that interact with them and further prevent the breakdown of collagen. The Ordinary also has some good products to use, like their Buffet serum, which combines amino acids and peptides, and works wonders on dry skin. 

Dynamic Skin Recovery by Dermalogica

Food and amino acids

Food can also help you stock up on your amino acids, but vegans need to be careful – red meat, poultry, seafood, and dairy are the biggest sources of these organic compounds. So, what can you eat instead of meat to get all the goodies? Well, beans, nuts, and soy are your best bet, along with quinoa and tofu. For best effect, find a balance of supplements, food, and skincare products to really soak up all the benefits and get that renewed, fresh skin.

So there we go – toned, beautiful skin is within your reach. It’s backed up by science, we have easy access to it, so why not try it? With the mix of right ingredients and consistent skincare, you’ll be glowing in no time!

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