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By Nina Simons

Stylish Tips for Organising Space
If You're a Carrie Bradshaw Type

Carrie Bradshaw’s closet - Sex and the City (Photo courtesy of Glamour)

So many clothes and accessories, so many #closetgoals! We’ve all seen Carrie Bradshaw’s Fifth Avenue walk-in closet in that swooning scene and felt the envy. A chic walk-in closet is the dream of many, but it’s not created with the wave of a magic wand. Plus, most of us don’t really have an entire spare room to build a proper shrine for our beloved pieces. But fear not! With some organisational tips and hacks, any fashionista will be ready to take on the task and create a stylish safe haven for all that’s stuff that she’s piled on religiously. 

Chic Boutique

Don’t you often feel like your favourite clothes, shoes and accessories actually deserve a gallery exhibition of their own? You can create a scene worthy of a stylish boutique, where you will exhibit all the things you love the most, without creating chaos. Use minimalist clothes racks to hang blouses and dresses that will end up looking like decorative pieces in the room. You can place your most beloved shoes underneath. If you opt do this, colour-code the entire set for a striking visual effect – either organize your things into a cool colour palette, or keep it monochrome. Remember, this is only for your most striking pieces; you don’t want to overdo it.

Photo by tu tu on Unsplash

Pinterest-worthy collage

Store shoes neatly and effectively, one compartment for each pair, to create a super-organized and visually interesting shoe wall. Forget cardboard shoe boxes, with which you have to move everything aside to get to the bottom pairs – for better results (in terms of both easy access and visual effect), use clear, front-loading cases. This way you don’t need a storage element, but can stack the boxes on each other – and you will be able to see what’s what right away!

Purse palace

Don’t hide your lovely purses and bags away into some bin or drawer – find a home for them on open shelves, either in your bedroom or the entryway so that you can pick them up easily on the go. We tend to hoard purses and carry them much less than they actually deserve, so keeping them out in the open is a good reminder and inspiration. Once you do this, get rid of any purses you notice you’re not wearing at all – chances are, you don’t actually dig them that much. 

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

A vacation for your clothes

Speaking of items we pile up but end up not wearing – look out for this, because if you want to organize your space in a stylish manner, you’ll have to declutter. It’s a constant process, as seasons come and go, but a crucial one, not just for your personal style but also for keeping the energy in your closet spaces (and home!) fresh and flowing. Take out the pieces you haven’t worn in a while, and if that doesn’t inspire you to get back to them, donate and sell! Don’t lament – you don’t have to get rid of everything, but rather find storage units to store stuff away temporarily so they don’t create clutter in your home. That way, they’ll feel like new when you rotate them back into the closet. This is an especially useful hack for not crowding your closet with out-of-season shoes and apparel. 

Lovely nook

Use furniture not just for organization but for creating a truly atmospheric space worthy of a fashion lover. Get a practical makeup table and chair (or stool) so you can store all your makeup neatly and don’t have to apply it in the bathroom. Top that with a good lamp that’s both atmospheric and offers proper lighting when you need it, and you have yourself a little nook where you can enjoy getting ready. Large mirrors also serve this double purpose and another great tip for style is placing a mannequin close by. You can use it to hang necklaces, scarfs and hats, or even to experiment on it with outfits.

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Hooks, Belts and whatnot

Hooks are your best friend – create rows of hooks wherever you can, whether it’s on walls, doors or inside closets. They make it much easier to get organized because you don’t end up chaotically stashing things like belts, necklaces and scarves into remote drawers. Use good, sturdy hooks that will add an element of décor to your space. Also, speaking of jewelry, the better you organize it, the better you will use it and combine it. Keep all your accessory pieces in one place – jewelry hung on hooks and earrings + bracelets stored neatly somewhere close by. You can use trays for jewelry to spread it out neatly, and keep those trays inside a drawer for easy access and protection from dust. 

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of work and inspiration there is. Just take it slow and start with organizing your things according to frequency of use. Once you prioritize and declutter, you’re ready to bring in some stylish changes to create a unique space

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

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