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By Lisa Doherty

Canadian Fashion Season Beauty Trends
Fall/Winter 2018

Hair & Makeup highlights (All photos courtesy of TW)

Toronto Women’s Fashion Week (TW) Fall/Winter shows dazzled the crowd with brilliant collections to suit anyone’s taste. Quality textures, fabrics and silhouettes were displayed in each designer’s work with many modern twists on vintage fashion, and pops of colour that we don’t typically see in fall and winter. These pops of colour and modern touches were also tied into the designers’ complete look with hair and makeup as well. Each show was unique in its quest to create a new fresh look that would best display each garment, but also set new trends for the upcoming season.

The most dominant trend on the runway was that of the glitter or sparkle lip and or eyelid. Silver and red metallic tones were especially displayed and took first place as the hottest new trend for makeup. Silver metallics and glitters were used for both elegant and casual designs including those from the ever talented DiCarlo Couture, Farley Chatto, Lesley Hampton, and Candace Daniela. These frosty lips and eyelids added a pop of colour to the models eyes and worked for every ensemble. Red metallic eyes were a fierce way to help designer KQK’s burnt orange and black tones stand out in their collection. So if you are looking for a staple in 2018 for your makeup bag, try a highly pigmented eye paint or a metallic lip stain.

TW F/W18 - FARLEY CHATTO (Photo by Che Rosales / Courtesy of TW)

TW F/W18 - @DICARLO COUTURE (Photo by Che Rosales / Courtesy of TW)

TW F/W18 - CANDACE DANIELA (Photo by Shayne Gray / Courtesy of TW)

TW F/W18 - KQK (Photo by Shayne Gray / Courtesy of TW)

Replicating runway makeup and hair looks at home can sometimes be tricky. Sometimes, it is due to the uniqueness of the look, but other times, it is because we do not always have the right hair type, thickness, texture or length. This year at TW, there were many beautiful hair and makeup trends, that could be easily replicated at home with simple products. The Redken and Vasanti teams did a stellar job with making the designers visions come to life in a short, hectic period of time, while putting in long hours to boot.

Backstage (Photo courtesy of TW) Click to enlarge

Some of the favourite hair styles on this years runways were, the low knotted ponytail as was seen in David Dixon’s show, and the simple yet glamorous top knot that was displayed in Stephan Caras’ brilliant show. The most popular hairstyle however, was the slicked-back, gelled hairstyle. I call this the “out of the shower combed back” look. It was so simple, yet it worked for every outfit that came down the catwalk. Candace Daniela and Fesvedy’s collections dominated with this hairstyle. It was chi, but also a genius way to make sure that the focus remained on the clothes. 

TW F/W18- David Dixon (Photo by Che Rosales / Courtesy of TW)

TW F/W18 - STEPHAN Stephan Caras II (Photo by Shayne Gray / Courtesy of TW)

TW F/W18 - STEPHAN Stephan Caras II (Photo by Shayne Gray / Courtesy of TW)

TW F/W18 - STEPHAN Stephan Caras II (Photo by Shayne Gray / Courtesy of TW)

Some over the top, yet fun looks ruled the runway as well. Some turned heads, and others made us say “how did they do that”? Some of the most unique beauty trends included the side curled chignon in Shelli Oh’s show, which we can foreshadow becoming very popular on the red carpets in Hollywood and for prom season. The designers of PCP got the crowd’s attention with their nostalgic 80’s rocker glam with not only their collection, but with the beauty look as well. They brought back the blue eye-shadow, painted on eye/cheek stars (think Jem and the holograms all you 80’s kids). They even had the teased perm, star earrings, and bubblegum lipstick to top it all off. 

TW F/W18 - shelli oh clothing (Photo by Che Rosales / Courtesy of TW)

TW F/W18 - PCP (Photo by Shayne Gray / Courtesy of TW) 

TW F/W18 - PCP (Photo by Shayne Gray / Courtesy of TW) 

Some designers’ visions were quite outside the box, yet so tastefully and exquisitely done including Fesdevy’s intricate artwork using silver hair clips to line each side of the models’ heads? It looked better than it sounds. 

TW F/W18 - Fesvedy (Photo by Che Rosales / Courtesy of TW) 

And who could forget the glamorous, colourful bobs that Joseph Tassoni’s models showed off in his brilliant show. New trend alert! An ombre rainbow coloured bob is everything when it comes to fashion. 

TW F/W18 - JOSEPH TASSONI (Photo by Joseph Tassoni / Courtesy of TW)

TW F/W18 - JOSEPH TASSONI (Photo by Joseph Tassoni / Courtesy of TW)

So if you are looking to spice up your every day look, or searching for that elegant wedding hairstyle for when you walk down the aisle. All of these beauty trends are what’s hot for 2018 and likely beyond.

TW F/W18 - MIKAEL D (Photo by Shayne Gray / Courtesy of TW)

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