Monday, March 26, 2018


By Luke Douglas

Positive Psychological Effects
of Cosmetic Surgery

Photo courtesy of Luke Douglas

We are still in the early stages of 2018, and the rush of our newly set resolutions is still very much alive. Now’s the time all the wonderful changes are coming about, from starting a new exercise routine, all the way to starting your own company. Among this slew of positive transformations, there’s a greater tendency among people to change their physical appearance beyond losing weight and getting fit – with the help of cosmetic surgery

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2017 saw a steady increase in many of their tried and tested procedures. The reason behind it could very well be that studies and personal experiences show that these tweaks and transformations truly help us reshape our mindset as well. Before you put your judgment hat on, please sit back and read on.

Photo courtesy of Luke Douglas

Improved self-esteem

Since our insecurities may stem from a whole range of experiences, such as an actual injury that requires reconstructive surgery, or even simple aesthetic preferences, we may see ourselves as less attractive than we’d like to be. However, opting for cosmetic surgery is no “spur of the moment” decision, and it requires lots of preparation, which allows you plenty of time to adjust your expectations. Once a person finally sees the results, such as a beautiful smile, or no more tummy fat, it serves as a major confidence boost that opens the door to a wide spectrum of other life improvements.

A greater desire to leave your comfort zone

A study conducted with over 500 participants showed that those who underwent a procedure to improve their appearance actually experienced “more enjoyment of life”. When you allow yourself to take the leap and alter your looks to match your own wishes and desires, it’s natural to expect that you will feel more courageous to take more risks and finally abandon your safety net for the sake of living life to the fullest.

This may be one of the most important long-term benefits that cosmetic surgery can give, because nothing can replace your desire to experience more in life and appreciate yourself on a completely new level. So, next time you assume that someone’s desire to try Botox is merely skin-deep, remember that these procedures have a profound impact on how we see life, and how deeply we let ourselves enjoy it.

Photo courtesy of Luke Douglas

Changed self-perception

Combine the previous two ways of changing your look, and another aspect of your identity will experience a significant shift – your self-perception. It’s not just your “outward” attitude towards the world that becomes different, but also your self-esteem. Whenever you look yourself in the mirror, you’ll have the urge to smile, not because what others will say, but because you will be utterly satisfied with how you feel about yourself. For example, opting for breast augmentation is a good choice for women who want to balance their physique and feel more feminine. It’s often used as a procedure to achieve breast symmetry, or retain that full look and firmness after losing a significant amount of weight. And why the heck shouldn’t we feel devilishly sexy in a bikini just for the sake of our own personal delight?

Less anxiety and depression

Feeling unhappy about your appearance is so much more than a superficial concern. It often pushes people into seclusion, a feeling of awkwardness in the presence of others, and ultimately, it can be another cause of social anxiety and depression. While getting a nose job may be considered a fad for some people, others see salvation in its ability to better their lives on several levels – from improving their breathing and sleeping, to decreasing that pronounced feeling of self-consciousness. 

Of course, our own beauty ideals are often a reflection, at least to an extent, of what is considered attractive in our society, so it’s only natural that we wish to be embraced as a part of that society and not rejected due to our appearance. Bullying and other unpleasant experiences only add to the emotional turmoil, and while you changing your appearance will not help rid the world of idiocy, it sure can help in healing those traumas and allow you to start loving yourself. 

Photo courtesy of Luke Douglas

Inspired to make other healthy decisions 

Just like changing your appearance spurs you to take life by reins and tackle new challenges, this decision will work like an avalanche. It will inspire you to make other self-loving and self-supportive decisions such as to change your diet or stop spending time with unloving, negative people. If getting rid of cellulite will be your motivation to finally ditch sweets and start a healthier eating regime to prevent those fatty deposits from piling up again, then why not? If straightening your crooked teeth will inspire you to smile more and encourage you to take up a dance course and enrich your life with novelty, then so be it. 

Everyone’s journey to happiness and self-fulfillment is different, so if yours includes altering your appearance in any way, shape, or form, embrace it, and make it an adventure of your own. Finally, if anyone questions your motives, remember, loving yourself inside and out is the healthiest mindset you could possibly forge, so don’t let the world bully you into thinking otherwise – life is too short to live it in accordance with someone else’s beliefs.


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