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By Luke Douglas

5 Ways
to Improve Your In-Office Eating Habits

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Have you ever felt that you could nom on pretty much anything when you’re stuck on a dull project, or you spend hours at the office doing the same work day in and day out? It’s your mind, looking for a distraction and a way to deal with your lack of stimulation, but it’s still no excuse to abandon all of your health commandments for the sake of a momentary weakness.

On the contrary, you can regain control over your munchies at work with a few simple steps to prevent reaching for that tasty candy bar and rushing over to the nearest fast-food joint when the clock strikes lunch. When in doubt, go back to these basic five steps of healthy eating, and you’ll find your appetite under control once again!

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Kickstart your day right

You cannot expect your belly to run on imagination and a shot of caffeine first thing in the morning and not crave carbs as soon as your brain is in full-speed work mode. Instead, start half an hour early to have time to make yourself a full breakfast, whether it’s a veggie omelet or a berry-infused oatmeal. Even better, you can start with a glass of lukewarm water and some lemon juice to speed up your metabolism, and them move on to breakfast.

Another great way to keep your appetite under control is to exercise in the morning and then have a wholesome meal before you head to work. Or, if you find it too difficult to be active before work and then eat, you can wrap up with a protein shake or a delicious smoothie packed with antioxidants. Then you’ll have a much better chance at steering clear of sweets later in the day! 

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How about some healthy snacks?

However, it will be almost impossible at first to keep your munchies in order, so you’ll need a contingency plan when it’s time for a snack-attack. First thing’s first, empty all your drawers (yes, even the secret one!) and ditch all those sweet goodies such as candy bars, chips, and other sweet and salty snacks you can eat in immeasurable amounts when you’re stuck at your desk.

Then, replace them with packets of nutritious nuts and seeds, which are a brilliant substitute, they’ll provide your body with plenty of energy, vitamins, and minerals, and they’ll keep you full for longer. A handful of almonds, walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, you name it, it’s rich in heart-healthy fatty acids, proteins, and fiber, just the right mix for your midday snack. 

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Healthy eating on the go

No matter how hard you try and organize your time well, there will be days when you cannot make it to the gym, let alone fix up a home-made meal to take to your lunch break. Still, there’s no need to pause your weight-loss goals, or not maintain your healthy eating habits, since you can incorporate Optifast meal substitutes which are perfectly balanced to keep you full, and your diet intact!

If you don’t have the time to measure and pack your nutty snacks as well, you can simply bring an apple or a banana to satisfy your growling stomach without being tempted to gulp down on a whole bag of gummy bears. 

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Take a sip

Few things can slow down a dieting regime quite like your failure to hydrate properly, and by that, we don’t mean coffee or sodas. On the contrary, your body will often mistake the feeling of hunger for the feeling of thirst, and you’ll end up eating more than you need simply because you don’t drink enough water

Don’t underestimate this humble beverage, it’s your best friend in the battle against excess weight, an irreplaceable hormone-balancing ingredient, and a perfect detoxing agent in your nutrition. Water is essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle all-around, so make sure you bring an insulated water bottle such as Klean Kanteen, and you’ll never go thirsty at work. 

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Lunch the right way

Even the most urgent tasks can be put off for the sake of your lunch break. It’s your right to take a short break from work, and in fact it’s beneficial for you and your mind to take a breather every now and then, since this little pause will allow your brain to reset and refresh. 

For the love of all that is dear to you, don’t eat your meal in front of your computer, or staring at a different screen (phones and tablets count, too), but make it your mission to devote all your attention to the food on your table, chew carefully, and talk to your colleagues. Distractions only make you eat more, while quality time helps you keep the balance!

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