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Finding Vintage Clothing Stores
in Modern Singapore

Photo courtesy of Dark Horse

They say old is gold. Fashion has trends that keep bringing new outfits and accessories to the market. Today, we can find fancy and designer outfits that have dominated the fashion industry all over the world. But, if you are a lover of vintage and antique fashion you will have to sweat a bit before you locate them at any party. Singapore, however, is contrary to this because you can easily find vintage clothing stores with ease. In fact, Visa Express Singapore claims to have helped numerous foreign investors who come here to start a vintage clothing shop. The market is excellent especially for ladies’ wear.

When we talk of vintage outfits, most ladies are looking for a taste of the old in either its original form or in modern designs. Finding a shop that blends all tastes and fashion is the best idea for most people. If you are in Singapore, you don’t have to look any further. Here is a list of the shops you can visit and discover those outfits that remind you of your younger years.

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Dust Bunny

While in Singapore, you can never miss Dust Bunny Vintage designer shop. It is probably what most people with an interest in antique clothing you are looking for. The shop has a wooden signpost at the entrance to remind you once again that you are entering to discover a collection from days gone by. The mannequins are dressed in maxi floral dresses. If you are in the mood to be a little adventurous, then you can delve into the 60s sailor’s shirts and bell bottoms that rocked the old days. Much more is available for all time periods of the recent past.

Photo courtesy of Dust Bunny

Deja Vu Vintage

Another top fashion joint to visit for the old fashion gems is Deja Vu Vintage. They also have clothes that were on top of fashion in the 80s and all the way back to the early 20s. The good thing is that they select their products from different parts of the world including China, Europe and America. The materials are high end despite bringing the old fashion to you. Lest we forget to mention it, the outfits undergo a thorough inspection before being displayed, which means you are only buying the finest.

Dark Horse

Jasmine, the founder of this well-known vintage fashion shop in Singapore, must have chosen the name carefully. Likewise, all her collection is selected with care from various places across the globe. Here, you will come across all your old desires including the finest hand-made silk scarves, dresses and woolen skirts that our mothers wore. The only difference is that this time they come with finer finishes, better designs and elegance.

Photo courtesy of Dark Horse

Nostalgia Queen

The last vintage shop on our list is Nostalgia Queen, where you can find oldies dating back all the way to the 60s. The shop may look small but, it is packed with a wealth of old fashion. Just like the other vintage shops, you will also find authentic clothes like floral dresses and retro skirts.

Be sure to visit any of these shops and many others that are scattered all over Singapore. The good thing is that they all have affordable prices with some offering room for discounts.

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