Friday, June 22, 2018


By Luke Douglas

6 Must-Have Summer Accessories

Photo courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Every season has its highlights in the accessory arena, but summer is undeniably our best accessorizing playground. During this breezy and joyful season, we get to play with an entirely different set of accessories and truly let our sense of style shine through. It feels almost unnecessary to say, but accessories are the glue that hold an entire look together, especially during summer when the heavy layers are gone and we get the chance to add as much pizzazz as we want using all kinds of style enhancers. However, every year comes with its own set of rules and trends, so let’s dive in and discover what the hopefully glorious summer of 2018 has in store for us. 

Go big, don’t go home

Statement necklaces are out, that much we know, but some statement piece was bound to come and rule the jewelry world, and this season it comes in the form of larger than life structured statement earrings, which have experienced a staggering increase in popularity, at least according to Pinterest. The number of saves on these particular earrings has gone up more than 900 percent, so yes, it’s safe to say that they are an absolute must-have. Pinterest has spoken, and we are bound to listen. 

Photo courtesy of Luke Douglas (Click to enlarge)

The craze is real 

In the world of bags – the ultimate accessory, competition has been fierce and the contenders make equally compelling and stunning arguments. It’s difficult to say which of these three bags is the winner as they’re all almost equally coveted, so we’ll leave all three and then you can make your choice based on what meshes best with your style persona. The first ‘it’ bag is the clear PVC bag fashionistas have snagged as soon as it stepped off the runways. We get the appeal – it’s new, it’s bold, it’s eccentric.

However, if you’re not really keen on the idea of always running the ‘what’s in my bag’ show, there are other options. The second one is another Pinterest favorite – the round rattan bag, which is totally adorable and exudes those boho summery vibes. Finally, if you prefer for your bags to be more structured and ‘normal’, door number three is here and behind it is the logo bag. Yes, logomania is back indeed, so chose your favorite designer and rock the logo like nobody’s business. 

Always a must 

Just take a look at Gigi, Bella, Kendal – any celebrity out there and you will realize that there are times when you can be wearing a pair of leggings and a simple tee, but still make a strong impression if you have one mighty tool – killer eyewear. Now, the variety of frames and lenses is here to cater to the needs of every face shape and style preference, but protection is still important, which is why turning to such professionals as those at Eye Concepts is essential as they won’t only find your perfect style, but also make sure you get the best, most protective lenses out there. Yes, safety is in style as well. 

Photo courtesy of Luke Douglas

The battle is real 

Athleisure is a one powerful trend, so naturally, sneakers are a definite must-have. You can choose from classy tennis shoes to ‘ugly’ dad sneakers – the world of sneakers is essentially your oyster. However, there is another strong shoe that has ‘thrown its hat in the ring’ and that is the flat sandal. The choices are stunning, and range from minimal to full-on embellished, and summer feet simply crave this kind of comfort, so don’t even rack your brain, get both the flats and the sneakers and call it a day.

Speaking of footwear…

A very interesting and whimsical trend has surfaced and that is socks on sandals. At first, we were skeptical, but wearing sandals with either sheer polka dot socks or even ‘regular’ ones with a pair of sandals in a contrasting color makes for a very bold and actually highly appealing look. If you’re not one to experiment with color, the sheer socks are always a foolproof choice and they will elevate every look and give it a touch of whimsy. 

Photo courtesy of Luke Douglas

Thank you, runways 

Women all over the world have been wearing turbans and headwraps for a very long time, but it seems that the moment Marc Jacobs released his spring/summer collection that was full of turbans, especially satin ones, the world has gone completely crazy over this trend. It’s stunning, there’s no denying it, but it also comes in real handy when you’re having a bad hair day. So, either start shopping for turbans, or make your own out of colorful scarves as there are tons of tutorials on how to do it, and it’s much simpler than you think. 

The clock is ticking and summer is knocking on our doors, so make sure you’re ready, because once you open the door, you better be caught rocking all these must-haves. Summer deserves a grand welcome, so make sure you deliver.

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