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By Luke Douglas

Beauty Trends
Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures 

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Plastic surgery is still on the rise, and it is becoming more accessible than ever. But this boom in the industry means that people who are considering opting for cosmetic procedures need to be informed about all the options, the potential dangers and the expected results. Too often, people think of cosmetic surgery as a magic wand, and are disappointed with the results. It’s crucial to talk to your doctor, as well as the people who had the procedure done, to find out real experiences and have realistic expectations. Similarly, people opt for procedures that have been around for a long time, thinking that those are the only options, or that they are the best, because they’ve been around for a while. But the truth is, there are new options, like the plethora of non-surgical treatments are available today. So let’s take a look at some of them.


This is not only non-surgical, but also a micro-invasive surgery, meaning that you will get the results without ever seeing a knife – or a syringe! Microneedling is a procedure that is used to fix multiple skin issues, from scarring to aging spots, and it does it all completely naturally. The idea is that when we have a wound, our bodies sense that and sent extra collagen and elastin to fix the wound. In microneedling, a roller filled with small needles is rolled over the skin, triggering that response without causing any damage. It uses the skin’s own systems to repair it, making it one of the top choices for skin rejuvenation to this day. It has no downtime, and after the redness settles down, you will be amazed with the results. The procedure can also be used to treat acne, pigmentation issues and fine lines. There are kits available that allow you to do this procedure by yourself in your home, but unless you’re an expert, it’s not recommended, especially not on skin with acne breakouts.

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Thread lifting

Forget about the cut-and-tuck facelifts, because there is a new treatment on the block. Thread lifting is a procedure which uses tiny threads made with a collagen stimulator, strategically placed around the neck and face to give you a youthful lift. The procedure can take less than an hour and there is no downtime. There is no incision, so nobody will be able to tell a single thing, but the results will last for up to three years. This is quite a new treatment, but it can be found in a cosmetic clinic in Perth and a few other clinics. 

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Do you spend plenty of time at the gym and eat all the right foods, just to find yourself with spots of fatty buildup that you can’t seem to shake off? Your solution is here, and it’s as far away from liposuction as it gets. Coolsculpting uses freezing temperatures to literally freeze the fat off your body, giving you amazing results extremely fast. After the freezing has taken place, a therapist will firmly massage the area to break up the fat cells and let your body naturally remove them. Unlike liposuction, this treatment doesn’t work on larger areas of the body, but it’s perfect for love handles, a double chin or similar smaller areas. 

Cellulite minimization

There is hardly a woman in the world that doesn’t have cellulite. In fact, 90% of women have it! And while it doesn’t have any effects on our health, some people want to be as smooth as possible, so they want the cellulite gone. Step in, a treatment which uses infrared, radiofrequency that heats up the fat cells, and then breaks them up through tissue manipulation. Cellulite are fat deposits that made their way through the skin’s connective tissue, so by breaking them up and improving circulation, you can minimize their appearance and have smooth, young skin.

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To put it simply, nearly every part of our face can be modified by injecting something under the skin. This ranges from the ultra-popular botox to non-surgical nose jobs. Fillers are used to smooth out fine lines on your face and plump up your skin. They are mostly used in the forehead, smile lines and between the eyebrows, but they are also what is used to plump up lips and give your eyebrows a lift. On the other hand, there are different kinds of injections which change and reshape your face, most popularly injected in the nose or cheeks, to get a more symmetrical look or to plump up any flat areas.

In conclusion, there are now more options than ever that allow us to get our ideal face and body shape, and the stigma surrounding these procedures is being broken down. The most important part is to do your research, find a reputable clinic and a procedure that will give you exactly the results you want. Your doctor will always help you choose what is best, so make sure you have a consultation before booking anything else.

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