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By Luke Douglas

How to Make Bold Fashion Choices

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When it comes to fashion, men sometimes get the short end of the stick. Most of commercial clothes are a little bland and far too uniform, and while the sheer functionality of them can certainly be appreciated, it still feels dull. The most shocking thing you get to do with your wardrobe is maybe exchange your black shirt for a navy one (when you’ve got a special date!). That’s about it. We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling a little bored of garments that are just “meh” and “alright, I guess.” Why wouldn’t we get to slip into something, look at the mirror, and feel smug because we know we look like a million bucks? Clothes mean confidence after all, and it’s time to get confident.

The advantage of having clothes that boost your confidence is that it also boosts your self-perception. For instance, when you find a website that makes some of your favorite graphic tees, you'll realize that it greatly impacts your feelings and mood. Additionally, having bold fashion choices also increases your focus and makes you feel empowered enough to spark creativity. Here are some tips if you want to know how to make bolder fashion choices and feel better in what you're wearing.

There are a few other colors out there

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Colors are fun, and you can easily pick out something that will bring liveliness to your wardrobe. It can be something as bold as a pair of neon sneakers and a hoodie if you’re young and want to copy that techno rave style of underground clubs, or it can be far, far simpler than that. But before incorporating different colors into your wardrobe, you need to understand that these colors can affect your mood. Additionally, the colors you choose represent different aspects of your personality.

So, start with buying a classic red t-shirt, and then slowly breach out of your comfort zone and experiment with other things – maybe a royal blue button-down, or something in deep, forest green? You don’t have to go and buy yourself a pink shirt if you don’t like the idea of it, and you don’t have to change your wardrobe drastically just to look better. There are darker, richer colors out there that are bound to catch your eye. 

Or, you know, black works just fine

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To quote Batman, “I only work in black. And sometimes very, very dark grey.” Well, Batman from The Lego Movie, but still! The point is, there’s a difference between going out of your comfort zone and trying something new, and completely changing your wardrobe in a way that you’re not comfortable with. You don’t have to throw out all your dark-colored garments, you just have to learn how to work with them, to make them look sleek and polished instead of making you look like you’re wearing that because you don’t know what else to wear. How to accomplish this? Make sure all of your garments are neatly pressed, and rock a monochrome look by pairing black with white. Black leather jackets are always a good idea, and so are black blazers (especially at the office). Here are a few more tips.

Make a statement

To make a statement, you might need to make choices representing who you truly are. We mean mostly graphic tees! A t-shirt with a logo or a picture you like can go far in styling your outfit, and it's an easy way to add visual interest to your ensemble.
If you are reserved, it might be time to get clothing with powerful words that make a statement. So, if you have an opinion you believe shapes your thoughts and personality, use fashion to share it with the rest of the world.

Footwear for confidence

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Wear something other than sneakers occasionally. Footwear is where most men get completely stumped, but it’s really not that complicated. Try finding a pair of Oxfords or saddle shoes – they’re ultra sleek, perfect for any suit, but they can also be used to dress up a casual outfit. Branch out to loafers and slip-ons, and our favorite – dress boots. Leather boots can make a guy feel pretty confident, and they add bags and bags of style to whatever you’re wearing, even if it’s simple jeans. Another favorite? Well, since 90s fashion is coming back in vogue, mens Birkenstock sandals are a great choice, especially for warm weather. They’re cool and comfortable, but please, for the love of all that is good and holy, do not wear them over your socks. 

Bold prints

If you want to stand out from the crowd, wear a funky print. Hawaiian shirts, patterned tees, anything with a nice, bold print that can pull the focus to you. If you want to tone it down, use the printed garment as an overshirt, and wear something plain black or plain white underneath. 

Having bold prints adds a lot to your wardrobe and allows you to create different outfits with a few pieces. If you are scared of using bold colors, prints are an alternative that helps you to achieve the right amount of color contrast.

Bold prints can also help create the perfect value. For instance, some prints can help create an illusion of being smaller or larger, depending on your preference. Bold prints can fit different looks depending on what you are going for. So, if you are looking for a fun outfit, you can wear bright prints and patterns.

For all occasions, prints also fit while still showing off your personality. So, play around with different prints when attending weddings, spending a day on the beach or when on vacation.

Sleek accessories

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Accessories add that final stylish touch that any good outfit needs. It’s the thing that takes you from “just grabbed the first thing I found in the closet” to “I know exactly what I’m doing.” What can you use to accessorize? Wristwatches, sunglasses, leather belts (even on jeans!), neckties, and bow ties. Want something really cool? Try suspenders. They will give you a bit of a retro vibe, and if you pair them with good Oxfords, a sleek pair of pants, and a nice button-down you’ll be looking spectacular. Avoid fedora hats. As cool as they are, the internet has ruined them completely and we’ll need a decade or two to recover from it before you can wear them again. 

The best fashion tip is to simply experiment. Go to the store and try on a bunch of things that you don’t think you can pull off, mix and match, pick out new color combos. Enjoy yourself and find your own way to be stylish. 

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