Thursday, July 12, 2018


By Lisa Doherty

Saint Cosmetics
The Natural Canadian Way

Photos courtesy of Saint Cosmetics and by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine

If you are looking for organic, all-natural makeup with full and lengthy coverage, then Saint Cosmetics is a great choice. Their slogan “Colour without Compromise” embodies the value of offering non-toxic, cruelty free and pure products that are highly pigmented to work just as well as other well-known companies on the market. Made in Canada, their products are paraben and chemical free leaving your skin, lips, eyes and brows feeling radiant. Saint Cosmetics was gracious enough to send the Fashion Studio Magazine beauty writers some of their products for trial and I must say, I was impressed with the flawless coverage each product provided. Here is what I loved most about their products.

Saint's Liquid Foundation

One thing I, and many other makeup artists look for in a foundation, is full coverage that still provides a natural glow to the skin, without giving a caked on appearance. Makeup that settles in skin creases (especially as we age) is a turn off to me, so I am very happy to report that Saint’s liquid foundation provided a smooth, yet thin and dewy effect on my skin. I would most recommend this product to people with normal to oily skin or, if you have dryer skin, applying a moisturizer to your face first, would allow for more optimal results. Using a damp beauty blender is always a great way to apply a full coverage foundation

Photo courtesy of Saint Cosmetics

24K Glow Illuminator and On Cloud 9 Bronzer

Illuminators and bronzers are all the rage right now, especially in the summer months. This is what gives our skin a sun-kissed glow and many makeup companies are battling for the best products in this category right now. If you are someone who is just starting to wear makeup, or prefer a light coverage, but still want the sun-kissed look, then this bronzer and illuminator are for you. A little of the bronzer goes a long way, which means that the product will last a long time. The 24K Glow illuminator is subtle and does not provide an over-bearing shine to your face, so its perfect for every day wear. A light shimmer of illuminator just above your cheek bones and a gentle dusting of this bronzer below, is an easy, yet subtle way to bring colour to your skin and make it feel more radiant and alive.

Dallas Pink Lipstick

If you are looking for a natural coverage lipstick that isn’t too bold and looks good on almost anyone, this is your product. The natural pigment of the Dallas Pink Lipstick is a shade darker than the average lip colour which means that it suits are skin types and tones. This also means, it would be a great gift for anyone who wants to spruce up their every day makeup routine. It provides a matte finish, not too glossy or sparkly, and can be paired with a clear gloss if desired if you want to easily step it up a notch for a more adventurous or night-time look.

Photo courtesy of Saint Cosmetics

Naturally Nude & Bashful in Blue - Eyeshadow Palettes

Both of these eyeshadow palettes are highly pigmented and provide excellent coverage whether the goal is an evening out, or an every day office look. Each of these shadow colours has a matte finish. Matte eyeshadows are great for oily skin, or for outdoor events like weddings, because they tend to absorb moisture. I loved the colours of these mineral based shadows. The Bashful in Blue Palette can be intimidating, but blue is coming back my friends and its coming in hot for this fall. 

The Naturally Nude palette is compiled with all of the trendy, popular shades for this year. My favourite, a shade that I have been looking for everywhere is the Passionate Peach shadow, which can also double as a blush! Yes I said it. I found I could use this palette also as an illuminator, bronzer, brow definer and eyeshadow. It’s a good bang for your buck!

Thank you Saint Cosmetics for sharing your wearable, all-natural, effective makeup with us at Fashion Studio Magazine!

To check out more of Saint Cosmetics’ Canadian made organic makeup products, you can check out their website or their Instagram handle @saintcosmetics and wear Canada proud!

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