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By Helen Bradford

Men Fashion Police
Can You Wear Sneakers With Suits?

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The indisputable fact is that the fashion industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and the latest trends are here to prove this claim. From the infamous furry slides and hideous PVC jackets to the adorable fringe and mixing different prints and patterns – we can definitely say that there’s a lot going these days. We’re going to discuss one of the latest fashion trends when it comes to menswear, and it incorporates wearing sneakers with suits. Just keep on reading and you’ll see what the fashion police think about it!

Sneakers with suits: fail or the Holy Grail?

As the fashion trends are constantly changing, a lot of men are trying really hard to keep up with them in order to be perceived as stylish and classy, but one question inevitably arises: how much is actually too much? This question has been frequently asked when guys started rocking their favorite sneakers with elegant suits, which was seen as quite inadequate and inappropriate at first. However, this trend gained a lot of popularity over time, which is why it stayed at the top of our list of the hottest trends. It’s loved by the celebrities as well, and Robert Downey Junior is just one of the guys from the industry who gladly embraced this trend and made it a real thing. If he could do it, anyone can do it, too!

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How to wear suits with sneakers?

Even though wearing sneakers matched with suits seems quite simple and effortless, the truth is that there are some rules that need to be followed in order to come up with the best possible combo there is. Here are some of them:

Coordinate the colors 

Yes, we agree that this is an old-school rule, but color coordination really plays a huge role when it comes to this unusual yet trendy combo. Men should definitely pay a lot of attention to the color of the sneakers they choose so that they can flawlessly match them to the shade of their suit. As simple as that! We can also say that suits in neutral colors like black, gray, or navy look fantastic when paired with sneakers in bolder colors, such as red, blue, or yellow. The color of the shirt is also an important factor, and it can always be matched with the sole of the sneakers in order for a more balanced casual chic look to be accomplished.

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Make sure that the suit fits slim 

There’s nothing worse than a fabulous pair of trendy sneakers matched with a suit that doesn’t fit a man’s body. A lot of experts agree that a slim-fitting suit is an absolute must, so guys should understand that those traditional formal suits that feature wide-legged trousers and unstructured jackets should be ditched as soon as possible. That brings us to another crucial thing: customized suits. Everyone knows that such suits are undoubtedly the best but a more pricey option; however, there are fantastic yet really affordable men’s tailored suits which will definitely live up to any fashion-forward guy’s standards. Opting for these is a good way to get a slim-fitting suit which will allow any man to keep up with this sneakers-suit trend, which is exactly what matters most, right?

Dress down the suit for a better visual effect 

Dressing down a suit will inevitably contribute to a much better visual effect, as it’ll allow its wearer to pull off an extremely fashionable look with ease. There are a lot of amazing ways to make that happen, and one of them is certainly opting for a T-shirt instead of a formal button-down. Of course, T-shirts in neutral colors like black and white are the best possible choice, as these will complement any suit, no matter its color. On the other hand, there’s also an option of combining a suit jacket with a pair of jeans, so that a more casual and laid-back look can be accomplished. Of course, wearing a tie or a bowtie isn’t what a stylish man should go for, especially in his everyday outfits. These are way too formal and may look quite silly when paired with trendy sneakers. 

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As you can see, wearing sneakers with suits is still going strong for a good reason. Guys from all over the globe, including both celebrities and ordinary men, simply adore rocking their favorite pair of sneakers with trendy suits, and you know what? Such a combo can look really hot and stylish at the same time, which is exactly what counts most!

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