Friday, August 17, 2018


By Rebecca Brown

Seeking Your Ideal Self in Cosmetic Surgery 

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Cosmetic surgery can do so much more than just alter your appearance! Even a small procedure can do wonders for your self-esteem and help you change your lifestyle or even embark on a new path in your career.

A lot has been written about the vanity and self-hatred that supposedly lies behind our great passion for cosmetic surgery, but not many current debates focus on the profound changes it brings to people’s lives. Did you know it can have a positive effect on our physical and mental health? And it can also help us create better versions of ourselves (going from outside in). A nose job, a minor lip enhancement or a tummy tuck can make you a happier person who finally has the confidence to take on new challenges in life! You might think it is about becoming someone else, but it is about becoming a new and improved you. Have you ever seen yourself in the mirror and thought: ‘nature didn’t do justice to me’? And if that imperfection you see can be easily fixed by one cosmetic procedure, then why not consider having one! Here is how you can benefit from surgery.

Revamping Your Natural Look

Cosmetic surgery doesn’t always mean going over-the-top with oversized lips or breasts. Most people are not looking for an artificial, silicone look, but instead prefer minimal enhancements that seem as natural as possible. Removing a scar, fixing a crooked nose or plumping your lips a notch is something people will barely notice, and yet it can make you feel so much better about yourself. Perhaps that little imperfection that’s bothering you is actually stopping you from pursuing your dream career or posting photos on social media? Sometimes, all you need to do is revamp your natural look to boost your self-confidence and let your personality shine. And don’t view cosmetic surgery as a major intervention that changes your real ‘nature’. We are already using hair dyes and tons of cosmetic products to alter our looks. Think of your nature as ever-changing. 

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Increasing Self-Confidence

How can plastic surgery increase your self-confidence? Once you change your appearance and finally become happy with the reflection you see in the mirror, you will instantly feel comfortable in your own skin. You’ll feel more energetic which will give you the ability to approach people with a different attitude. Why? Because when you are confident about your looks, you are automatically more confident when speaking to others around you. The way you see yourself inevitably affects the people you communicate with, almost as if that internal image you have created is somehow reflected in your face and body. If you hate the way you look, it might make you depressed or anxious and even create serious mental health issues. How many times have you had an internal monologue about your looks while trying to have fun at a party, at a wedding or a job interview? This is where cosmetic surgery can help, by providing that small boost you need to flourish from within and really enjoy life. 

Changing Your Lifestyle

Doing that small cosmetic procedure can be a part of a greater plan such as changing your lifestyle in general. Do you want to exercise more, socialise more and find a new partner? Do you want to be a happier, more active person? Do you want to travel more often? If your appearance has been stopping you from making some big changes, then surgery can really help you reboot and start all over again. Major changes in life are commonly connected with changes you make to your outward appearance. Remember that old story about altering your haircut and finding a new boyfriend? Many people will tell you it works because bigger changes in life can be initiated simply by making something about yourself a little different. A flatter tummy, bigger breasts, fuller lips… You name it! Do whatever you think would make you feel better about yourself and everything around you will start shifting. 

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Achieving Career Goals

We are not always aware of the effect our image has on our professional success. We are working hard on building our CVs and excelling at work, and yet, we are also judged by the way we look. Our appearance matters at job interviews, on social media and in all kinds of social situations. A small improvement can bring about new career opportunities and give you the strength to embrace new challenges. If there are one or two things you can change about your face and body to look and feel better, think about it. You may embark on a road to success in different segments of your life. And even though a flawless look isn’t exactly a prerequisite for all jobs, a better appearance might give you that extra dose of self-confidence to improve your career regardless of what you do for a living.

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