Monday, September 24, 2018


By Lisa Doherty

Pairing Fashion and Beauty in 2019

Photos courtesy of Lisa Doherty, Pinterest, and The Fashion Spot

Fashion season has just begun and we are already seeing some new and improved fashion and beauty trends from previous decades hitting the runway and the streets of cities like New York, Toronto and Paris. Pairing a great outfit along with a beauty look that perfectly compliment each other, is always the most challenging part of getting onto a best-dressed list. It is all about being able to pull off the whole package. Sometimes too many trends in one look can be overbearing. So far this year, we are seeing some great beauty looks that are complimenting the designers’ pieces perfectly, and we figure, why not find a way to blend this into the every day street style? Here are some of the 2019 fashion/beauty pairings we are seeing on the runway.

Plaid or tweed blazers and jackets are the new go-to. Think 1970’s sophisticated style, but with a modern twist. Yes these fabrics are coming back with a heavy presence in the outwear category. On the runways at New York Fashion week in September 2018, tweed and plaid blazers were often paired with dark, matte lip colours, including Merlot (2018’s most popular fall lip colour), dark berry tones and cranberry red. This trend is also a segway into another trend that is sure to be at the forefront of the street style game. I’m talking about the Power Suit

Tadashi Shoji Fall 2018 (Photo courtesy of The Fashion Spot)

Yes, ladies and gents, this is the new cocktail dress. Patterned, textured, vibrant one coloured, and iridescent suits will be a huge trend in 2019 (think Leslie Jones at this year’s Emmy’s) for both males and females, and I feel as though it is one that will be around for a while. However, a little makeup goes a long way when wearing a power suit. The suit should make the statement, and that’s where the attention should go. The outfit itself says “I’M HERE!” So less is more when it comes to makeup. But one of my most favourite beauty looks that goes well with a great blazer or suit, is the long, thick and tousled ponytail. It is a great way to pull the hair back and show off the suit, but is still stylish and youthful.

Another trend that is coming back in the formal and semi-formal class is organza and sheer iridescent fabrics, specifically, metallic shades such as silver, cobalt and bronze for blouses, pants and dresses. Organza was the biggest sensation for bridal party attire back in the 80s and now it is making its way into closets for every day street style all over the world. Since the colours are fairly neutral, pairing it with a bright pastel coloured eye shadow or statement earrings can bring the outfit to life. 

Balenciaga Fall 2018 (Photo courtesy of House Of Comil)

Another way to bring an outfit to life, is to accessorize accordingly. My most favourite trend of this coming year, is that of the artistic handbag. Think about turning your favourite object into a masterpiece that you can carry around with your personal belongings. This is where the fashion industry is seeing its most creative concepts. Handbags in the shape of cherries, cassette tapes, chocolate dipped strawberries, and animals of all species. This is the playful, youthful and nostalgic side to fashion that we don’t often get to see. 

Some of the more forward beauty trends we are seeing either making a comeback, or breaking onto the scene include tie dye streaks or hair extensions, silver spray-painted hair and a full face of makeup using primary colours for eye shadow, lips and blush. If you would love to go outside the box and make a statement, with one of these trends, pair it with a black outfit, like a jumper or romper.

Photo courtesy of Popsugar

The moral of the story is, there are so many new and creative trends in the beauty and fashion industry that are ever changing, that sometimes it can be hard to choose just one or two. Pairing one beauty look with one fashion trend is always a great way to start, and once you get braver, you can add more subtle trends into the mix. Let us know which of these fashion adventures is your favourite on Instagram @fashionstudiomagazine, @lisafashionmakeup, or on Twitter @Fashion__Studio.

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