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By Nina Simons

Eco Friendly Travel
Discover 5 Amazing Islands 

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After years of conventional travel where you’re not involved with nature much, there’s a new way to see the world. More and more people are choosing eco-friendly travel due to its benefits. The scenery will stay with you long after you’ve returned home and so will the calming effects of travelling like this. Eco-friendly travel is important because it’s one more way to cherish the Earth. It reminds us what and why we need to save. After all, where else will we see the breathtaking sunsets, go on the best walking tours, get acquainted with the crystal clear waters, or see the most striking volcano peaks? Finally, you’ll realize that conventional travel can’t give you such serenity and that it can’t heal your body from the stress of daily nearly as well as eco-friendly travel can. 

1. The mesmerizing Isla Mujeres

Anyone looking for a place to escape real life should visit Isla Mujeres. It’s rather small which might be the main reason it’s preserved its beauty for so long. Mexico is known for its wild nature and numerous party opportunities, but Isla Mujeres is one of the keepers of its serenity.

You should definitely get up early to witness one of the most radiant sunrises you’ll ever witness, too. The sun will keep you company throughout the day as well, and you can cool off in the turquoise waters. After you’ve tired yourself out swimming, regain your energy with some local specialities, like shrimp in a shell. After all, eating local is one of the best ways to stay eco-friendly while travelling. 

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2. A hiker’s dream - Dominica

The green mountains of Dominica are the first thing anyone notices when they visit it. If you’re looking to stay fit while you travel and love hiking, this is the place for you. The mountains offer mesmerizing sights to be discovered by the most meticulous of hikers, as they are hidden from the noise of modern life. You’ll also be able to see the peaks of volcanoes while hiking- just don’t forget the right boots.

In fact, Dominica is so fit for walking and hiking that it has a trail which runs the whole length of the Island. It would take two weeks to fully explore, so it’s best to tackle a section at a time.

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3. The legendary Ibiza

Not many people are aware of Ibiza’s beauty because of its famous party reputation. Spain is known for the impeccable sights though, and Ibiza is no exception. To discover the true nature of Ibiza, you need to stay away from the main resorts. 

The coastline offers a plethora of opportunities for walking and enjoying the fresh air, infused with the aroma of the sea. This not only clears your mind and relaxes you, but also cleanses your body and fuels your muscles with pure oxygen. You’ll find that something as simple as walking down the coastline of Ibiza can be as rejuvenating as spending hours in the spa. Plus, the physical activity is healthier, too. 

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4. The wild and untamed Tasmania

Australia is one of those countries that carefully looks after its nature and that’s noticeable by the almost untouched nature of Tasmania. In fact, almost half of it is a national park where Australia’s native animals can roam free. 

Walking tours in Tasmania are the only way to fully intake the intensity and beauty of the wild. You’ll realize that you haven’t truly lived before you experienced something as primal and gorgeous as this. It will wake up your instincts and reconnect you with nature in a heartbeat. Who said eco-friendly travel needed to be boring?

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5. A step into history - Madeira

Situated in Portugal, Madeira is one of the most ancient-looking islands you’ll visit. Its rugged hills and deep green sights make it look like something straight out of a medieval fairytale. You’ll also come across many vineyards that are situated effortlessly on those hills despite the laws of physics.

The history in Madeira lives on thanks to the ancient footpaths you can find anywhere you go. When you walk them, you walk the same road centuries-old people have walked in order to attend to important matters. Your walking tour is completed with the mesmerizing watercourses that intercept it and really make you forget you’re not back in the past.

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It might even be safe to say that we’d be lost without destinations as beautiful as these. They give us a glimpse into the surreal and remind us we’re only human. We are part of something bigger, and together, we can make sure that future generations enjoy the same scenery and gain the same life-lasting memories. Finally, we’re reminded that helping the Earth doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and enjoy yourself.

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