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By Claire Hastings

What Are the Streets of the Fashion Capitals
All About This Season?

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Fashion is a form of art, and many artists who have collaborated with designers, as well as some prominent names in the fashion industry would concur with this statement. There is no denying it – the vision, the execution, the innovativeness and the craftsmanship – it’s all pure art, and one of the added perks is – it’s wearable art. Now, the models wear what they’re told to wear, and designers create garments that become style staples. However, it is the real people who truly bring fashion to life. They play with their favorite garments, mix and match patterns and styles. The designers give them the Legos, but street style icons and real people fashionistas are the ones who create their own style castles and rocket ships. So, with no further ado, let’s see just how well and how creatively the style icons of our age play with the toys they’ve been given. 

As trendy as it gets 

Photo courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

We know that when it comes to following trends, the women of New York win by a landslide. They just love the thrill of the new, and are often spotted in the collections just fresh off the runways. Now, in a city with millions of women, it’s hard to point out just one trend, but we’ll try to narrow it down. Dresses have taken a new shape, following the rules of modest fashion in mixture with bold colors. The thing you need to have in mind when you want to buy women’s dresses is that the prime colors seem to have overshadowed pastels when it comes to New Yorkers, and color-blocking is in full bloom.

In terms of athleisure, things are pretty romantic with women rocking floral skirts with bright hoodies and heels. Asymmetry seems to be the cut of the season, and yes, the women of this city are still under the influence of the plastic raincoats and bags frenzy. To say that there is plenty of versatility would be an understatement, but NYC has always been trendy and unpredictable, and this season is no exception. 

The signature nonchalance 

Photo by Sandra Semburg / Courtesy of Vogue

It comes as no surprise that we’ve caught the women of Paris at their nonchalantly chic finest. Time seems to be standing still in the world’s most important fashion capital, with women rocking classic Chanel jackets and simple jeans, timeless designer purses and a whole lot of black. A hint of trendiness has peeked in the form of the glitter boots that Parisians seem to love, but aside from the occasional sneaker that gives a gentle nod to athleisure, Paris is keeping things classy, as well as pricey because no matter how simple the outfit, it’s always completed with a French signature – a logoed bag from their favorite designers. It seems that logomania has caught on in Paris, although it is way more subdued than in other capitals. 

The breeziness of the land Down Under 

Photo courtesy of Sandra Semburg

Despite the completely different weather on our beloved southern continent, the women of Sydney are still not giving up on dresses, so if you were reluctant to browse for incredible formal dresses online, take a cue from Aussies and shop away – if they’re not giving up on them, neither should you. Truly, in a world almost frantically obsessed with athleisure, it’s refreshing to see that the spirit of frilly, elegant, casual and bohemian dresses, particularly those in white, still lives in a variety of cuts from ruffled and romantic ones to those more fitted and elegant.

In other news, the bold women of Sydney, who have always known their way around patterns and colors are mixing stripes and checkers like it’s nobody’s business, and just in case you were wondering, the winner in the footwear category in Sydney are the white pointed-toe boots. After all, winter is coming down there, so why not take advantage and defy the weather in style? 

Things are about to get interesting 

Photo by Kyunghun Kim / Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

So, NYC was trendy, Paris was like Coco Chanel is everywhere, romance is alive and kicking in Sydney, but we’re in for a wild ride in Seoul. Athleisure brands are all the rage now worldwide, from vivid athletic apparel to good old brands such as Nike and Adidas. The fashionistas of Seoul are very well aware of this. South Koreans have always been bolder, braver and perhaps even light years ahead of us, as what goes on in the streets of Seoul is highly unlikely to happen in any other fashion capital – except Tokyo, perhaps, anytime soon. Namely, they have taken athleisure to a whole new realm. From a red tracksuit paired with white sneakers, a white bag and all of it topped off with a chic black blazer to a look consisting of a millennial pink fleece tracksuit tucked into white sports socks so the mighty Vans sneakers can shine through, it’s obvious that Seoul has embraced both logomania and athleisure with open and experimental arms.

However, there were moments even more outrageous than this – case in point this, let’s call it, deconstructed look that wouldn’t look so quirky even with the can-shaped purse if it weren’t for the upper part of a pair of overalls placed on top of a checkered blazer. Did she cut it off? Is it sold like this somewhere? It remains a mystery. Needless to say, minimalism was nowhere to be seen, but bold hair colors, an abundance of hoodies in bright colors, and even athletic color-blocking – this is completely new – were abundantly present, so yes, as promised, Seoul wins in the category of innovativeness, quirkiness and downright weird, but surprisingly eye-catching and at times pleasing looks. 

So, now that you have the skinny on what’s going on in almost all corners of the world, which city is your fashion sense most and least in sync with?

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