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By Claire Hastings

What can we learn
from the new era's supermodels

Jourdan Dunn (Photo courtesy of Elle South Africa)

The time when supermodels were practically untouchable, and far away from the curious looks of fans and public is long gone. Nowadays, the burst of Internet and social media allows supermodels to communicate with their fans as well as the rest of the world, offering an insight into their lifestyles.

Like it or not, modern era supermodels are there to show their secrets, wisdom and friendships to anyone that shows the slightest interest. In that respect, their advice and their own stories can undoubtedly encourage and teach a thing or two. 

Lifestyle lesson 1 – confidence is the key

Photos courtesy of Stella Maxwell and Kendall Jenner / Instagram

Not many supermodels we know and love today would actually be on the runway if they lacked the key ingredient of success that is self-confidence. Regardless of what you want to become in life, or what your definition of success is, or what your current circumstances are, on their social pages, supermodels are strong advocates of following your own dreams without reluctance. Just look at Kendall Jenner, who managed to break away from the fame that surrounded her family in order to create her own. Not to mention Binx Walton, who transformed her unconventional looks into a modeling beauty role model for all the girls out there who struggle with accepting their own appearance.

Binx Walton (Photo courtesy of Fashionising)

Style lesson 1 – play with different styles

While it’s true that supermodels get plenty of opportunity to try and rock countless different styles, it is what you do with your style in your free time that counts. These modern ladies are not afraid to change up their stylish outfits and wear a bomber and/or leather jackets, print tees and skater shoes. What’s more, most of supermodels nowadays are proud of their unique style, which is precisely what makes them so lovely and interesting. If Edie Campbell can do it, so can you. 

Edie Campbell, Vogue China, December 2015 (Photo courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue)

Lifestyle lesson 2 – love your friends

Being a supermodel makes one’s life extremely busy, which hardly leaves any time for meaningful social outings and get togethers. Still, our inspirational supermodels today make sure to never neglect what truly matters in life, which is the love they feel for their friends and family. They also support each other, showing the world what true success means.

For example, Dunn and Delevingne have the same D tattoo on their hips to celebrate their friendship while Suki Waterhouse fills her Instagram with family pictures, trying to remind every one of her followers that being with people you love and love you back is the best thing in the world.

Kendall and Gigi (Photo courtesy of Lifings)

Kendall and Gigi (Photo courtesy of Lifings)

Style lesson 2 – embrace your femininity 

Mixing different styles is really fun and it allows you to show your personality in more than one way, but supermodels also remind us that it’s perfectly possible to be a little tomboyish and still very feminine and elegant. Straight from bomber jackets into ball gowns is nothing unheard of for supermodels, and for some more semi-formal opportunities, flattering formal playsuits seem to be the perfect option for these wonderful ladies.

If Edie Campbell wasn’t enough of an inspiration, take a look at clothing choices by Joan Smalls, and get your own fair share of balanced mix of sexy, elegant and slightly tomboyish. 

Photos courtesy of Kendal Jenner / Instagram

Joan Smalls (Photo courtesy of Pinterest)

Lifestyle lesson 3 – don’t be afraid of who you are

Accepting yourself for who you are and dropping all the masks you might have is something that fans are regularly reminded of when looking at social media posts of modern era’s supermodels. You might not want to publish everything about your sexuality on social media like Cara Delevingne, but she’s definitely a role model (and not just a supermodel) when it comes to accepting yourself for who you are and searching for your true identity deep inside. 

Photos courtesy of Cara Delevinge and Gigi Hadid / Instagram

Taylor Hill (Photo courtesy of Vogue)

Style lesson 3 – care for yourself

Apart from mindfulness, you also deserve to tenderly take care of your physical appearance. All supermodels claim that you should be the person who loves every bit of your body the most, more than anyone else. Then you’ll be able to listen to what your body wants and provide yourself with perfect care that will not only result in your beautiful appearance but inner happiness and content as well.

The new era’s supermodels are open-minded, brave, ambitious, loving, stylish and confident, and they use social media to remind everyone that these qualities are not something that you’re miraculously born with, but something that you actually choose for yourself.

Chanel Iman (Photo by Thumbs42/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES)


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