Thursday, November 22, 2018


By Eva Fydrych

Partying In Style
With FSJ Shoes

Photo courtesy of FSJ Shoes

Let's get ready for the holiday season! If you have a couple of your favourite cocktail dresses lined up already, now it's high time to think about stylish and comfortable stiletto shoes.

This season we are obsessed with strappy sandals in gold and classic black, snake print pumps, metallic stilettos, and eye-catching red suede heels. 

Let's have a closer look at our favourite pairs!

Photo courtesy of FSJ Shoes

Holiday season requires something more special than a classic pair of black stilettos. These metallic pumps will brighten up the whole room the moment you walk in!

Wear them with an elegant black cocktail dress and add some silver accessories (oversized earrings are still very much in fashion!) to complement the look.

Photo courtesy of FSJ Shoes

These black suede stilettos feature fashionable leopard print and have a very unique, sexy shape. You can wear them with a little black dress (consider gold option as well) or go for a bolder look by adding more leopard print and bright red elements to your outfit.

Have a look at the mood board below for some inspiration:

Photo courtesy of FSJ Shoes (Click to enlarge)

Not in a mood for wearing high heels? Have a look at this comfy option below:

Photo courtesy of FSJ Shoes

To keep yourself warm, you can wear these leopard print flats with black tights or fishnets. They will also look great with an elegant jumpsuit—an interesting alternative to a cocktail dress.

FSJshoes, an online shoe boutique, offers a lot of different styles and options, so it's easy to choose your favourite pair of stilettos for any upcoming event.

Photo courtesy of FSJ Shoes

Our absolute favourites, silver ankle boots featuring gorgeous shimmering details, are modern, fresh, and super trendy. They will look best with a more casual evening look.

"A little bit of glitz goes a long way. A cashmere sweater tones down a sequined skirt, while a glittery top looks great with jeans. Soft hues are the most low key," - says Harper's Bazaar.

Enjoy your party!


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