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By Cooper Klein

How to Exercise Like a Runway Model

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As soon as our news feeds are flooded with those impeccable photos from the latest fashion shows, our attention instantly goes to the collections they are wearing. The translucent fabrics, glossy makeup, classy suits, they all catch our eye, but the girls wearing them deserve an equal amount of kudos and respect for the effort they put in in order to deliver such stunning presentations on the runways!

Even if your life’s goal isn’t to impress a modeling agency, but you wish to do your absolute best to get the figure of world’s most beautiful models, you can use the following tips to boost your workout routine.

Start with your menu

Let’s not beat around the bush: no exercise program can give you the catwalk results without a diet to follow it. That said, if you’re ready to commit to a healthy eating routine, then you can prepare your body and your mind for the strenuous workouts ahead! For starters, the goal of every supermodel is to lean down on fat to a very slender physique and not get overly bulky.

That means that keeping your metabolism fast and efficient is of vital importance. Models tend to have balanced diets rich in fresh, whole foods, as well as lean sources of protein, and ample healthy snacks. Some of them go vegan, others order in their healthy meals, but the essence of their menu is simple: keep it lean and flat belly-friendly!

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Gear up for cardio

Now that you have your diet down, whether on your own or with the help of an expert nutritionist, you can begin exploring your options when it comes to regular cardio. This is the very basis of every model’s exercise program, as cardio burns those calories perfectly, keeps your heart and lungs strong, and it doesn’t lead to getting a bulky musculature.

On the contrary, with the right exercise equipment such as ab wheels, kettlebells, jump ropes and treadmills, you can tone your body to perfection without packing on too much muscle. You might even want to opt for a boxing bag and a pair of gloves, as this is a wonderful cardio workout that also improves your coordination and posture!

Think lengthy thoughts

In addition to getting ample cardio into your every day, it’s important to note that your body needs more than that to stay healthy and resilient. To complement your routine, you should incorporate stretching sessions that help elongate your muscles and remove any tension from your tendons and ligaments. 

Regular stretches help create a visually longer physique thanks to longer muscle tissue while walking on those high heels will become a breeze once you take care of your joints and ligaments. You can use elastic bands as well as other props to increase the depth of your stretch – just make sure you always listen to your body, so as not to get injured!

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Strut-worthy posture 

Now, even with a lean figure and plenty of flexibility, you shouldn’t forget about your body language and posture. After all, the way models move with confidence and resolve is one of the main features of their beauty. To be able to walk with your chest up and without rounding your shoulders, you need to work on your full-body strength as well.

Exercises that target your entire body and activate your core, such as planks, are perfect for toning your abs and improving your posture. If you spend hours sitting down every day, you can swap your chair for a Pilates ball and challenge your core to do some work even when you’re seated!

Get those inches down

In order to be able to work out and eat like a supermodel, you should always keep your motivation high and your goals clear. It’s difficult to stick to a strict eating and training regime if you have no results to enjoy. However, early results are difficult to notice right away, and this is where your progress diary steps in!

Note down your measures the day you start your fitness regime, and then take weekly measurements to follow your progress. It’s vital that you stay realistic with your expectations because losing weight too fast is never a healthy option. So, stay smart, and the results will follow!

Photo courtesy of Pexels

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