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By Naomi Shaw

Golden Rules of Makeup for your Skin

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Applying makeup is a practice that’s been done around the world for seemingly the beginning of human civilization. Between the cultural aspects and those of beauty, it’s no wonder that people continue to use it as a way of beautification. However, from the application of lead-based face paint to radioactive makeup and other trends in history, it makes you wonder if all the products we apply to our skin on a daily basis are actually beneficial. As long as you follow the golden rules of makeup, you’ll maintain healthy skin that radiates beauty.

Know What’s in your Makeup

It’s always better to err on the side of caution when your skin is at stake. The human skin is the body’s largest organ and first line of defense against infection and sickness, so it is important to take care of it. In order to achieve this, you need to be aware of what the products you use are made with as many of them are used daily and can potentially cause damages over time. To start, you need to look at the labels of the product and see what the ingredients there are.

When looking at the types of chemicals that are in your skin products, you should be vigilant about what you are using. Something as simple as an exfoliant can have BHA which can potentially cause liver damages and stomach cancer. Parabens, which are often found in moisturizers, are known carcinogens, oxybenzone can disrupt hormone levels and sperm count in men, but are regularly found in sunscreen, and “fragrance” are sometimes undisclosed chemicals that can alter your hormones and are highly allergenic. In the case of fragrances, you should note that some do use FDA approved additives, and don’t need to be sworn off, but you should be wary. 

It is critical to look out for ingredients on every skincare product you purchase, so it is highly recommended to check your cosmetics for dangerous ingredients.

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Sun Screen

It’s common knowledge that too much sun can ruin your skin, but you still need sunlight to provide vitamin D for you. Just as anything else in life, sunlight in moderation is critical. In order to get the sunlight you need, you only need to be in the sun about half the time it takes before you get a sunburn. As far as using safe sunscreen, try finding ones that use titanium oxide or zinc oxide to ensure your sunscreen isn’t causing more damage than it protects you from.

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Some people would argue it’s important to hydrate no matter what, even beyond just the goal of having healthier looking skin. I am definitely one of them. Keeping yourself hydrated keeps your skin from becoming too oily and slows down skin aging. It can also help your body to not expel toxins through your skin while sweating, instead flushing them through your bladder. Drinking water also gives your skin the moisture it needs to reflect light in such a way that it gets a healthy glow.

Another way to keep your skin hydrated is to use hydrators and moisturizers. The difference between the two is that a hydrator will actively hydrate your skin, hence the name, while a moisturizer protects your skin cells from losing the moisture. Depending on your own skin, you may need to use a moisturizer, a hydrator, or both for your skin. With a little experimentation, you can find which suits your type of skin best. It should also be noted that drinking water is generally the fastest and most effective way to keep your skin looking good.

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Removing your Makeup

Of course, it should really go without saying, but you have to remove your makeup at the end of a day. Leaving in most products over night can clog up your pores, cause irritation, and even rashes. Makeup and other skin products need to be removed daily, and usually a quick face washing will do the trick.

Always look into the active ingredients of your products. Treating your skin harshly will lead to issues such as irritation, inflammation, acne, aging and other long-term damages. Your skin is one of your most valuable organs on your whole body. Always try and treat it with respect and care.

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