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By Jennifer Kessler

How to Save Money on Bras?
(#3 Tip is The Most Important)

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Let’s talk bras. Let’s talk about how to save money on bras!

It’s shocking every single time you end up looking at a bra that costs more than $50-$100. There are many brands out there that sell such expensive bras. But the thing about these bras is that they last for a very, very long time.

But does that mean the cheaper ones don’t? Well, more often than not, the answer is YES. Unfortunately, bras with a much lower price tag wear out sooner than you can imagine.

So how do you get to the middle ground? I mean how do make the best of both worlds? That is an affordable cost plus long-term durability. If you want to know, then it’s important to understand how to save money on bras. So please keep on reading!

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How to Save Money on Bras

1. Buy Bras on SALE

How do you find out what bras are on SALE? Well, you’ve got to be more vocal about it.

You can ask the professional fitter. Small boutiques and department stores often have a sale collection. This consists of leftovers from previous seasons. Or sizes that don’t fit the normal breasts!

Such stores don’t have enough space to display everything. So they only showcase fast-selling products on the rack. This means you should make it a point to ask your fitter to guide you to the tiny SALE section. Be open about your financial budget and preferences. There’s no need to shy away from that. It doesn’t help.

Here’s another way to go about it. Sometimes a fast-selling bra in a neutral color is more expensive than the same style in an unusual color! Cause maybe the latter is not in trend. So at such times, the brand moves it to the SALE section. So don’t shy away from experimenting it a little either.

And lastly, make the most of gift cards, reward programs, and email coupons. Sign up wherever you can. And buy bras when a huge discount hits the store.

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2. Get Properly Measured

If you genuinely want to know how to save money on bras, then please don’t neglect this one. Getting properly measured is advice that most women don’t follow. The chances that you’re wearing the wrong size right now are pretty high.

When you buy a bra that’s not your size or that doesn’t fit properly, what is it that happens? You and your boobs become unhappy. And that leads to spending more money on yet another pair that doesn’t fit as it should. So why not put an end to this dreadful, money-wasting cycle!

You simply have to get measured. You can do it by yourself at home, here’s how.

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Or have a professional fitter measure your breasts. You can opt for a professional fitting at two different stores. This gives you an accurate cup and band size. Otherwise, you’ll always end up wearing ill-fitting bras that cause front or side spillage.

With regards to fit and saving money, here’s another tip you might find very useful. When the bra band can’t get any looser, feel free to make the most of bra extenders. They attach quite easily to the existing hooks at the back of your bra. So there’s no need to buy a new bra when you can just as easily tweak the current one.

3. Find Bras for Every Budget

Keep in mind that not all bra styles are expensive. Meaning there are low-budget, moderate-budget, and high-end bras available out there. No matter the shape of your breasts or design preferences!

Let me explain this with an example. Say you have droopy breasts. So you might want to buy the best bra for saggy breasts. Or the distance between your two boobs is larger than normal. It means you should be looking for the best bras for wide-set breasts. In either case, there’s a piece that fits every budget.

All you have to do is walk that extra mile. Spend some time and energy in order to find a bra that fits your breasts shape and budget. It’s not impossible to do that anymore. Thanks to the many brands that are manufacturing such diverse bras.

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You wear bras on a daily basis. Yet they’re so expensive to buy. Spending more than $50-$100 on a basic, single-colored bra just doesn’t make any sense. But sometimes you just have to if you don’t want your boobs to look disfigured and feel unsupported.

However, it might not be easy to find that needle in a haystack. However, at the same time, it’s not so pleasant spending huge sums of money on a plain bra either. So it’s best to find out different ways to be a smart bra shopper. Let your penny-pinching side take control and rule out wasting money.


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