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Tungsen Wedding Rings

Photos courtesy of Pexels and La Laser Engraving

Carbide of tungsten is the very solid alloy uniting tungsten and carbon

What makes it so special, I’ll tell you what! Did you know that it is virtually indestructible and lasts a lifetime? Just imagine a ring that is practically indestructible. Tungsten carbide jewelry can’t be scratched or bent, this alloy is scratch protected so it will forever remain as beautiful as the first day when you purchased it! Isn’t it great? 

Usually you have to look after your jewelry, care about it a lot, and with this tungsten wedding bands you can forget about it, and that is why:

  • It is the most steadfast metal on Earth: it is four times firmer than titanium and five times firmer than steel and unbelievably it is 10 times firmer than the 18-carat gold it is awesome, isn’t it? On the Mohs scale of metals hardness - hardness of 9 out of 10, harder than it is only diamond (10 out of 10 on the Mohs scale). Therefore, the ring can only be scratched by diamonds or file (nail file) having diamond deposition on it.
  • Tungsten carbide being that firm and solid is also another record holder, besides firmness record. Tungsten carbide have very high melting temperature – far beyond 2780 degrees Celsius. For comparison, the temperature of the hottest - basalt volcanic lava - is only around 1200 degrees Celsius. How about that?
  • This is the only alloy on earth which can be polished permanently: polishing does not turn pale over the years, also scratches on the ring don't appear, dents or other damages, as it usually happens over time, with gold, silver, platinum and even titanium rings. It’s gives you a dissent warranty that your ring will always look as it was when you wore it for the first time, and doesn’t matter how many years did pass, and what kind of work you did wearing it  - the ring will always look brand new.

Photo courtesy of La Laser Engraving

For a description of the polished surface of the ring of tungsten carbide, in our case tungsten wedding bands, fit the word a "gray mirror" - little darker gray than stainless steel, but reflect light brighter. Many people will like a solid weight of tungsten carbide rings to. Resistance of polishing rings made of tungsten carbide, coupled with their solid weight and great color and light reflection may be indicative of commitment, reliability and eternity binding ties between two people. Therefore, tungsten carbide rings are perfect as a gift for the most faithful friend, and of course, as a wedding gift tungsten wedding bands are unmatched in terms of dependability for many years.

Speaking differently, the tungsten carbide is firmest and most solid alloy from all out there made by mankind. Usually it is used in the aircraft industry and for creating military ammunition also used in industrial molds. In recent years, goldsmiths have paid attention to this alloy, unusual properties of which can be used to create the most interesting and modern jewelry, which we can proudly present in our online jewelry supermarket La Laser Engraving (lalaserengraving.com) we are best place to shop for hundreds of different rings made of titan, 18 k gold, platinum, silver, ceramic and of course tungsten.

Photo courtesy of La Laser Engraving

Tungsten carbide is very hard, but fragile in comparison to other metals used in the jewelry industry from strong impact (multiple hits) gold will bend and carbide - no. This material can crack but will not bend. Therefore, the ring size of the tungsten carbide cannot be changed! And try not to drop the ring in a very hard surface from a height - there is a small chance that it will break. It can be dropped from 400 feet and will not crack and on the other side it can fall from 20 feet and may break.

That is why in case of emergency (for example, broken finger) ring of tungsten carbide, in contrast to rings of softer precious metals can be easily removed without damaging the finger itself. It is recommended to tighten the ring (with your finger) in a clamp (because the ring cannot be bent or cut) and slowly squeeze until it breaks. Vices will not move on, and finger at the same time remain unharmed! (Despite the fact that this advice sounds a bit scary!) The same effect can give a very large hammer blow, but the finger at the same time will be severely damaged.

Photo courtesy of La Laser Engraving

Are you being allergic to silver / gold? 

Choose rings made of tungsten carbide! 

Rings made of tungsten carbide does not fade, do not rust and will not paint your finger at green. Precious metals tend to change color over time. And sometimes leave unattractive marks on the skin. Tungsten carbide, in contrast, does not enter into chemical reactions and preserves the original appearance for centuries.

So to conclusion, if you are in search for modern, nice looking and reliable metal for your ring, tungsten is very good choice.

We at lalaserengraving.com are sure that this alloy is the future of the jewelry industry.

Photo courtesy of La Laser Engraving

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