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By Jennifer Kessler

How to Dress When You Have Narrow Shoulders?
7 Most Useful Tips

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The experts have spoken on how to dress when you have narrow shoulders. These tips and trends are already defining fashion for women with sloping shoulders. It will help women who want to get more out of flattering dresses and tops. 

Here are my favorite tips on how to dress when you have narrow shoulders.

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How to Dress When You Have Narrow Shoulders

1. Wear Flattering V-Necks 

Flaunt your neckline with attractive V-neck tops and dresses. A sleek neckline can bring out the best look. Especially when you have narrow shoulders!

A V-neck takes your eyes away from your narrow shoulders. And it brings the focus back to balancing the entire shoulder blade line. Always opt for a wider V-neckline as it gives your shoulders a broader look.

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2. Say Yes to Wider Straps

Similar to the effect of wearing V-necks. Wider straps give your shoulders and chest a broader look. There’s nothing narrow about your neckline and shoulders anymore! 

Consider wearing tops and dresses with wider lapels and collars too. A shirt with a collar that sits right on your shoulders can go a long way! It can broaden the shoulders and add more volume to your chest. 

So if it ever comes between choosing a thin strap sleeveless top. And a wider strap sleeveless top. Always go with the latter as that compliments narrow and sloping shoulders.

Along the same lines, there are bras for narrow shoulders. These too are designed with wider straps to broaden the appearance of your shoulders. You can try them out as well!

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3. Try the Full-Sleeves Tricks 

If going sleeveless isn’t your forte, scrunching up sleeves is always an option. Adding more volume with the help of long-sleeved tops is essential. Instead of folding the sleeves, all you have to do is scrunch them toward your shoulders.

This adds a subtle puffed up volume on your upper arm area. Taking away all the attention from your narrow shoulders! And bring it back to the sleeves. A great way on how to dress when you have narrow shoulders. Don’t you think?

4. Catch Up with Boatneck Dresses

Boatneck dresses are already defining the fashion trend in 2019. Especially after Meghan Markle has set the trend so effortlessly! They do great things for women with narrow and sloping shoulders. 

Boatneck dresses and tops have a chic look. You can pair tops with high-waist pants. And you’ll also love the idea of rocking a body-fit boatneck dress. This trend is hard to beat if you want to accentuate your neckline without it looking bad.

Boatneck gives your shoulders a broader and defined shape. 

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5. Go Off-Shoulder This Year

Off-shoulder fashion trends are making a big splash this season. The classic off-shoulder look can do wonders for women with narrow shoulders. And if you think it’ll make your neckline and shoulder line look thinner. Wear bold colors and flattering stripe prints to go with it.

So make sure those shoulders are moisturized and ready to go!

6. Bring Puff Sleeves Back

The answer to how to dress when you have narrow shoulders is this. It’s a trend that was hitting the shelves not just in the 80s. But it’s making a comeback and is still surprisingly trendy and chic.

Puff sleeves are tricky to work with though. They’re exaggerated and stylish. Puff sleeves are what you need to experiment with. If you want to work with narrow shoulders and stylish trends!

Opt for a balanced look with denim jeans and puff-sleeves blouses. Go for subtle floral prints or plain colors that aren’t too bright and bold. Stay away from flashy colors and prints. You don’t want those sleeves to grab all the attention! 

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7. Flaunt Your Shoulder Line witha Tank Top

There are many ways you can rock a tank top on top of a bra that lifts. But never stop wearing them if you think they will flaunt your narrow shoulders the wrong way! That’s one thing you should never do. 

Make sure the tank top you buy isn’t too loose. The armholes should be just the right diameter. Preferably sitting right on your first rib and not any lower. And the neckline should be wide enough with the sleeves creating a wider arc.

All these factors can really contribute to how to dress when you have narrow shoulders. 

Over to you...

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Women with narrow shoulders have a lot to think about! No matter what style you like, you’ll need to make some alterations to your fashion needs. This means wearing stylish yet functional clothes. To flaunt the good side of your shoulders and neckline!

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to dress when you have narrow shoulders. All these tips are great for broadening your shoulders. And you can mix it up with different styles and looks for a good cause. 

When it comes to personal styling tips, it’s always better to do away with all the guesswork.


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