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London Fashion Week Men's June 2019
Launches "THIS IS LONDON" Campaign

Photo courtesy of BFC (See credits below)

LONDON, UK - The British Fashion Council (BFC) is delighted to announce the launch of its new campaign “This is London”; celebrating community, diversity & culture at London Fashion Week Men’s June 2019. Shot by London based photographer Markn, the campaign is a collection of 12 images and includes a diverse selection of people from the worlds of art, music, fashion, film & sport. The campaign features a mix of globally established names and current tastemakers, all driving forward London’s culture and reputation, representing the city in their own unique way. The campaign is a testament of the city’s diversity and creativity and highlights the relationship between the creative industries.

Featured in the campaign are Caroline Rush (Chief Executive, BFC), Dylan Jones (BFC Menswear Chair & Editor, British GQ), Akinola Davies (Moving Image Artist & Filmmaker), Angelo Van Mol (Creative Director, Band of Outsiders), Eden Loweth and Tom Barratt (Designers, ART SCHOOL), Ashton Gohil (Model & DJ), Bethany Williams (Designer, Bethany Williams), Bianca Saunders (Designer, Bianca Saunders), Cosima (Musical Artist), David Gandy (BFC Menswear Ambassador), Dennis Okwera (Model & Actor), James Massiah (Poet), Liam Hodges (Designer, Liam Hodges), Lou Dalton (Designer, Lou Dalton), Louis III (Musical Artist), Lucien Clarke (Professional Skater), Nicholas Daley (Designer, Nicholas Daley), Oliver Spencer (Designer, Oliver Spencer), Paria Farzaneh (Designer, paria /FARZANEH), Per Götesson (Designer, Per Götesson), Priya Ahluwalia (Designer, Ahluwalia Studio), Sherelle (DJ & Radio Presenter) and Stavros Karelis (Founder & Buying Director, MACHINE-A).


If you are visiting the city soon, remember that the best way to get around the British capital is to get a London Oyster Card! It's very easy and convenient to use.

Photo courtesy of BFC (Photographer: Markn @MarknMarkn Producer: Richard Mortimer @richarddmortimer Stylist: Giulio Ventisei @giulioventisei Make-up Artist: Andrew Gallimore @andrewgallimakeup Hair Stylist: Peter Burkill @peteburkill Nail Artist: Megumi Mizuno @megumimizunonails) 

Photo courtesy of BFC

Caroline Rush, BFC Chief Executive commented: “London is a city that is globally recognised for its creative talent and businesses. We’re extremely excited to launch this campaign for LFWM June 2019 and to celebrate not only the designers, but also the broader creative community who all play a vital role in our industry’s culture and reputation.”

Dylan Jones, BFC Menswear Chair “The ‘This is London’ campaign shines a light on the incredible pool of talent that makes London the creative capital of the world. From rising stars to established names, the campaign features a diverse mix of individuals, celebrating the eccentricity of our capital while illustrating that LFWM is a global platform for innovation and culture.”

Photo courtesy of BFC

The talent taking part in the campaign were asked questions about London; what they love most about the city, what separates it from others and how the capital creatively defines them. In the series of images rolling out to launch London Fashion Week Men’s June 2019, Markn captures the energy of the cast through their mix of personalities and styles, showcasing how the melting pot of experiences make London and London Fashion Week Men’s so unique. “This is London” will be promoted at the main hub of LFWM, The Truman Brewery, during London Fashion Week Men’s June 2019 which runs from 8-10th June.

Photo courtesy of BFC

David Gandy 

People say London is difficult to love, do you agree? 

With London being such a vast city, I can see how it could sometimes feel lonely - the time and distance between areas can mean that people are inclined to stay in their own areas. We don't have a great reputation for the weather either! But once you get over that and begin to explore and appreciate the diversity London has to offer, then you can fall in love with it. 

North, East, South or West? Does it matter? 

Everyone has their favourite part of London. I used to live in North London but now am in South West and I love them equally. I appreciate East London but probably wouldn't live there. There's so much diversity between the different boroughs that I think you can find everything in London, whatever your taste. 

How does London define you creatively? 

All the clothing brands I support, work and collaborate with are British and mostly also based in London so it's fair to say that the city has been hugely influential for me. London can break you but the energy and opportunities here can also inspire you creatively like no other city in the world. Nowhere else has the same mix of historic and contemporary fashion working so closely alongside each other. London is a world leader of technology, fashion and finance. I believe it's the creative hub of the world.

Photo courtesy of BFC

Nicholas Daley 

Where do you go in London & how do you get there? 

To be honest with you, there’s a nice spot near my studio space. There’s one of the last remaining record vinyl stores, a guy called Robin at Zen Records, he’s been there for like twenty years and he’s just seen Tottenham change & obviously I can go in there and listen to some tunes, like ten minutes away from my studio, so it’s a nice little place to, even when I go out on lunch break I might just pop in there and say ‘do you have any new records in?’, and he’ll be like ‘yeah, I’ve got this one’ and he’ll just play it. Then I’ll go back in to the studio and its just carnage – so it’s my little oasis. 

North, East, South, West, does it matter? 

I’m from the Midlands, but I’ve been in Tottenham for the last eight years, so I feel quite connected to that area. Through the riots as well, I was there for the riots, so that was seeing Tottenham at its lowest point and then now seeing a lot of designers like ART SCHOOL there, ASAI – there’s a lot of creatives in Tottenham – the Seven sisters, Tottenham area over the past year or so, so it feels like it’s changing & I spend a lot of time in that area, that or central, or Somerset House. That’s just the reality if you’re a designer or creative, spending a lot of time in the studio or where you’re close to. Buy yeah, definitely North London for me is where I spend most of my time. 

What’s your favourite thing about London? 

The diversity, the multiculturalism, I’m from Leicester, which is very diverse anyway, but London’s just been a real good place for me. I get a lot of energy from it, a lot of friends, a lot of people, family, so I think the multiculturalism – just the mixture – that’s why London’s always going to have a special place, where else would you have a Muslim Mayor like Sadiq Khan? That’s quite forward for a Western city, so that says a lot, like even who we select at high points in our society. So that’s why I think it’s a good place to grow a good level of tolerance. Most of the time embracing – I’m not saying it’s perfect, like with the Windrush scandal – but overall, I think this is the place where it’s like so many sub-cultures as well like; punks, teddy boys, new romantics, skinheads, London or the UK or Britain is just creating all these amazing sub-cultures which I think a lot of people are attracted too. I think that’s quite important, that gives us that edge as these people on this island I think.

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