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By Eva Fydrych

In Black & White
 6 Summer Dresses You Will Love

Photos courtesy of Pexels and Sebellamore (Click to enlarge)

Who said summertime has to be about colours? If you prefer a classic colour palette, you can stick to elegant black and white and still look amazing at your next summer party.

Fashion Studio Magazine partnered up with Sebellamore, an online fashion boutique, to bring you all the latest fashion trends and styling ideas. So sit back, relax, and keep on reading!

All about Details

When it comes to a spotless summer party look, there are a couple of things you need to remember. First of all, make sure you take care of your skin and have your manicure and pedicure done so you can rock those sexy sandals.

Next, think about your tan and all the parts of the body that will be exposed. Self tanners are a great way to give your skin a bit of a colour without getting exposed to harmful UV rays.

Last but not least, match your dress with suitable accessories - a fashionable clutch and earrings. Have a look at the example below:

Striped Bodycon Dress (Photo courtesy of Sebellamore)

Have Fun with Prints & Patterns

Black and white doesn't have to be dull and boring. Remember that you still have many options to play with: polka dot, stripes, geometric patterns, floral prints, and more. Have a look at one of our favourite looks below:

Polka Dot Skater Dress (Photo courtesy of Sebellamore)

Style Matters

When choosing your summer dress, keep in mind your body type and opt for a style that will hide your imperfections and enhance your best features. Sexy bodycon dress is not only ultra-feminine but also suits most body types.

If you would like to add some colour to your look, you can always wear a bright red or pink lipstick and choose a colourful handbag like the one in the picture below:

Color Block Bodycon Dress (Photo courtesy of Sebellamore)

Asymmetric Casual Dress (Photo courtesy of Sebellamore)

Lace Maxi Dress (Photo courtesy of Sebellamore)

One Shoulder Sequin Mini Bodycon Dress (Photo courtesy of Sebellamore)

Enjoy your summer party in style! :)

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