Sunday, May 12, 2019


By Eva Fydrych

What To Pack
For Your Next Summer Vacation

Flat Sandals (Photo courtesy of Cicilookshop)

Are you ready for your next beach adventure? If you truly want to enjoy your summer holiday this year, follow our simple steps to a perfect capsule wardrobe and enjoy your vacation in style.

Travel Light

First of all, don't go over the top. One of the most common mistakes done while packing is taking too many unnecessary clothes that we never wear. And while it's good to have a couple of different options, overpacking creates chaos and confusion leaving you stressed and worried about your wardrobe choices everyday. This time, try something else. Choose only your favourite pieces and leave everything else behind. For a one week tropical getaway you really don't need much. 

Mix and Match

Opt for clothes and accessories that go together and can be easily combined. Cicilooshop, an online fashion boutique, has a great selection of summer clothes for every occasion (including sexy women swimwear) so you may want to check it out before your trip!

Prepare a couple of wardrobe sets (jeans + top, dress + sandals, pants + bikini bra etc.) and see if you can wear them in various configurations. Play with your accessories in order to change the mood and add a fresh look - for example you can easily transform your beach dress into an evening outfit by adding a suitable bag, earrings, and a pair of your favourite high heels.

V-Neck Plain Tunic (Photo courtesy of Cicilookshop)

All you Need

Swimwear, sandals / flip flops, summer dress, shorts, top, sunglasses, hat, accessories, beach bag - that's your summer getaway wardrobe in a nutshell. Once you get your basics right, you can add some more items to the list, for example one of the plus size bodycon dresses. To make the whole task easier, just keep in mind places that you will spend most time at and activities that you will take part in (sightseeing, beach, dinner / night out, cruise, shopping, gym, etc.)

Have a look at a couple of our choices below and make sure you travel light this summer! 

Off Shoulder Plain Bikini (Photo courtesy of Cicilookshop)

Casual Midi Dress (Photo courtesy of Cicilookshop)

Round Neck T-Shirt (Photo courtesy of Cicilookshop)

Plain Linen Basic Pants (Photo courtesy of Cicilookshop)

Striped Shift Dress (Photo courtesy of Cicilookshop)

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