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By Eva Fydrych

August 2019

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Hello August! Fashion Studio Magazine prepared a list of the most interesting events - catwalk shows, trend seminars, fashion conferences, and exhibitions - happening around the world in August 2019. This month, there are over 65 international events to choose from. 

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Photo courtesy of The Freedom Factory

Ongoing Events

Until 7.08 - Summer Affordable Art Fair, Toronto

Until 16.11 Minimalism/Maximalism- Museum FIT, New York

1-10 August 2019

1-4 Lollapalooza 2019, Chicago, Illinois

1-31 Craft Cubed Festival 2019, Melbourne, Australia

2-4 Fashion Week Costa Rica 2019

2-4 Bazar HILO ROJO, Lima, Peru 

3.08 Salta Argentina Fashion Fest

3-5 In Fashion Munich, Germany

3-11 Baltimore Fashion Week - 12th season, Maryland

4-6 MODA 2019, Birmingham, UK

4-6 Chicago Collective, Illinois

4-6 Project Women's, New York

5-9 FFANY Market Week, New York 

5-9 Copenhagen Fashion Week SS 20, Denmark

6-7 Kolkata Fashion Expo 2019, India

7-8 Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival, Indonesia

7-9 CIFF & CiFF Youth SS 20, Copenhagen Intern. Fashion Fair, Denmark

7-9 Revolver Copenhagen, Denmark

8-9 MOLA Seminario Academico de Moda Sostenible, Bogota, Colombia

9.08 Graduate Fashion Week 2019, Hanoi, Vietnam

9-10 Africa Fashion Week London

10.08 Bare Fashion, London

10.08 Music and Fashion Expo, Las Vegas

10.08 UNICEF Summer Gala by Luisa Via Roma, Sardinia, Italy

10-11 Trafico Bazar, Mexico City

10-14 NY NOW, New York

10-16 Norwegian Fashion Week SS 20

11-20 August 2019

11-13 Mode Accessories, Toronto, Canada 

12-14 WWD MAGIC, Las Vegas

12-14 Project Women's, Las Vegas

12-15 International Fashion Week, Las Vegas

12-17 Stockholm Fashion District, Sweden

13-14 London Edge, Las Vegas

14-16 Fashion Business Days, Stockholm, Sweden

14-16 Installation with Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm, Sweden

16.08 NYGARD Style Direct Fall Fashion Launch 2019, Toronto, Canada

17.08 Fashion Show Italian Designers, Montreal, Canada

18-20 Toronto Shoe Show, Canada

18-24 Omaha Fashion Week, Nebraska

18-25 Sao Paulo Design Weekend, Brazil

19-21 Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada 2019, Toronto

19-24 Fashion & Design Festival, Montreal, Canada

19-25 Summer Design Week Stockholm, Sweden

20-23 Travel Media Showcase 2019, DeKalb County, Giorgia

21-31 August 2019

21-23 Asia Life Style Expo Bangkok,Thailand

21-24 BAFWeek SS 20, Buenos Aires, Argentina

21-25 Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week

22-24 Africa Fashion Week, Amsterdam, Netherland

22-25 African Fashion Week Toronto 2019, Canada

23.08 Montreal Apparel Textile Sourcing, Canada

24-26 STYL-KABO, Brno, Czech Republic

25-29 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane, Australia

26-31 Argentina Fashion Week

26.08-1.09 New Zealand Fashion Weekend, Auckland

27-28 Poznan Fashion Fair, Poland

27-31 Charlote Fashion Week, North Carolina

27.08-4.09 Designers Buenos Aires SS 20, Argentina

28-30 Preview in Seoul 2019, South Korea 

28-30 Oslo Runway, Norway 

28-30 Collective Oslo Art Festival, Norway 

28.08-5.09 Melbourne Fashion Week, Australia

29-30 Berlin Fashion Film Festival, Germany

29-31 Ibague Negocios & Moda 2019, Colombia

29-31 Design Biennale Zurich, Switzerland 

29.08-1.09 Bangalore Fashion Week-21st edition, India

30.08-2.09 Fall Fine Art & Craft Show, Toronto

30.08-6.09 Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week


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