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How the Athleisure Trend
is Making Sportswear Fashionable for Women 

Photo courtesy of Live The Process

It wasn’t too long ago that leggings and hooded tops were classed as ‘indoor clothing’ unless you were heading off to the gym. Casual workout clothing didn’t quite meet the demands of the word ‘fashion’, and you would never see the words ‘designer’ and ‘leggings’ in the same sentence. 

Fast forward to 2019, and suddenly women wearing sporty leggings, oversized grey marl sweatshirts and chunky sole trainers are now oozing with style.

While dressed in sports apparel, women are pairing these outfits up with glossy hair and subtle makeup looks. In a nutshell, the athleisure trend has made sportswear a fashion statement.

And it’s going nowhere!

Let’s look at how women’s sportswear is now being worn on a daily basis by some of the most stylish women – and not just for going out on a run! 

GANNI SS19 - Copenhagen Fashion Week (Photo courtesy of Pinterest)

Yoga Influences

Yoga is big news and has slowly been making its way as one of the trendiest fitness activities over the past few years. Thanks to social media savvy fitness pros sharing yoga practices and moves, we’ve got access to this growing fitness interest at the swipe of a button. 

Yoga has taken over YouTube with how-to videos, Instagram with yoga fashion images, and you can now even tune into live online yoga classes via Facebook events. This has led to a rise in sales for yoga wear, which consists of slim fitting, comfortable leggings which allow us to bend and twist as we please. Coming in an array of stylish brands, logos, colors and prints, leggings are fast becoming a staple fashion item for everyday wear. 

Photo courtes of Pexels

The Rise of Women’s Sports

While there is still room for growth, it was always bound to happen. Women’s sports are slowly but surely on the rise with more women than ever taking up football, golf and tennis. 

As we’re being exposed to more stylish women taking to the football pitches, the golf courses and the tennis courts, women all over the world have been encouraged to start taking part.

As the number of women playing these sports starts to rise, retailers are now seeing a rise in specialised sportswear. Women’s tennis tops and womens golf apparel are practical to wear during the activities but casual and versatile enough to pair up with jeans on a regular day, pulling off the ‘just-finished-playing-sports’ look. Click here for some great examples of golf apparel.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

More Quality Activewear 

As retailers begin to pick up on the growing trend of athleisure, women’s sports and activewear, more effort is being put in. High Street giants who once only catered for evening wear, fast fashion and catwalk inspired looks are now launching their own activewear collections, making them more accessible than ever before. 

Now, you don’t need to rely on sports stores and big-name active wear brands to provide high quality workout wear, ideal enough for daily wear too. It’s all over our high streets and across online fashion retailers, making us spoilt for choice. 

If you choose to meet your friends for lunch and a coffee, it’s now seen as fashionable to turn up in your favourite branded black leggings and logo printed sports hoodie. Some say that the athleisure trend misleads others into thinking that the wearer is physically fit and healthy. On the other hand, it’s predicted that more casual, sports-focused clothing is more acceptable in today’s busy lives, where comfort is key.

Either way, we can’t get enough of it.

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