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By Eva Fydrych

All About Hats
Colombiamoda 2019

Artwork by Eva Fydrych (#byEvaF); Catwalk photos courtesy of Inexmoda

MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA - Hats in various shapes and sizes were undoubtedly one of the biggest fashion trends seen at Colombiamoda 2019.

Presented by Pink FilosofyArkitect Maestros AncestralesFOU – Fuera de lo común, MARKETING PERSONAL, Chamela, and others, those stylish accessories seem to be an integral part of Colombian style and could be seen worn by many guests as well.

What's best about this trend is the fact that it is suitable for everyone and easy to combine with any type of wardrobe. You can wear a hat with your favourite bikini, casual jeans or an elegant dress. Just add some attitude and you are ready to go!

For more fashion news from Medellin, have a look at the first part of our Fashion Week Report, featuring opening night highlights and tropical catwalk show by Johanna Ortiz, one of the most talented Colombian designers. You can read the article here.  

Enjoy the pictures!

Pink Filosofy

A-TEMPORAL Pink Filosofy (Photos courtesy of Inexmoda) Click to enlarge

Photos courtesy of Inexmoda

Arkitect Maestros Ancestrales

Photos courtesy of Inexmoda

Photos courtesy of Inexmoda

FOU – Fuera de lo común

El Cubo - Épica, reto de Innovación: FOU – Fuera de lo común

Photos courtesy of Inexmoda

El Cubo - Latinoamerica habla

El Cubo - Latinoamérica habla (Photo courtesy of Inexmoda)


Photos courtesy of Inexmoda

Photos courtesy of Inexmoda


Memorias del Trópico - Chamela (Photos courtesy of Inexmoda)

Photos courtesy of Inexmoda

La Petite Mort

Non Stop Moda a la Colombiana - La Petite Mort (Photo courtesy of Inexmoda)


Photos courtesy of Inexmoda

Photos courtesy of Inexmoda

Mia Mulatta

Photo courtesy of Inexmoda

Stay tuned for more Fashion Week Reports. Coming soon!

Non Stop Moda a la Colombiana - Ana Lucía Bermudez - La Petite Mort

*Special thank you to Inexmoda for inviting Fashion Studio Magazine to Colombiamoda 2019.

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