Friday, September 13, 2019


By Lisa Doherty

Toronto Fashion Week S/S 2020
The return of NEON

Farley Chatto, Adrian Arnieri, Steven Lejambe (Photos courtesy of TFW)

Toronto Fashion week was held in Yorkville again this September and it featured some of Canada’s best-known designers as well as some of the country’s up and comers and hidden gems. Each designer showed their own creativity through their pieces with hair, makeup and music to pull the entire show together. However, as many regulars to the fashion week scene know, there is often one recurring trend that can be seen seamlessly making its way onto the runway each season.

“I wear my sunglasses at night” a line from a popular 80’s song could be heard from the front row aligning the runway at Toronto Fashion Week. Why? Maybe it was because the lights of the cameras were in constant motion, or maybe it was because some of the models donned sunglasses themselves as in Hilary Macmillan’s show. But likely the real reason is because the most obvious and favoured trend this season was NEON!

The Clothes

Early in 2019, we started to see the popular 80’s neon clothing resurgence, mostly through accessories. However, next summer be prepared for head to toe monochromatic neon outfits inspired by some of Canada’s most well-known creatives. This trend was heavily represented on each night of Toronto fashion week. Designers such as RVNG, Narces, Adrian Arnieri, Steven Lejambe and Farley Chatto all used this trend to create unique, eye-catching pieces. From full-length gowns and cocktail dresses to fur jackets, neon in every shade was a pleasant surprise to all influencers, fashion buyers, celebrities and photographers. The most influential part of each of these shows was that the designers made the garments dramatic for those with a loud confidence, yet wearable for all occasions. 

Farley Chatto (Photo courtesy of TFW)

Steven Lejambe (Photo courtesy of TFW)

Steven Lejambe (Photo courtesy of TFW)

Maison Elama (Photo courtesy of TFW)

Adrian Arnieri (Photo courtesy of TFW)

Adrian Arnieri (Photo courtesy of TFW)

The Makeup

Not only was neon a popular and eye pleasing addition to the designers’ collections, but vibrant colours were also a finishing touch to many looks on the runway through makeup. Bright eyeliner and colour-blocked palettes were seen on multiple occasions, including Narces’ and Trigere’s shows, creating a bright and bold finishing touch to each look. 

The Accessories

As already mentioned, sunglasses were a repeat accessory on the runway, balancing the reflection of the highlighter shades. Neon shoes were seen paired with Narces’s dresses to create an elongated silhouette on each of the models. Other popular accessories displayed on the Toronto Fashion Week Runway were bright coloured chandelier earrings (Adrian Arnieri) and fascinators (Farley Chatto), again, creating monochromatic masterpieces.

Adrian Arnieri (Photo courtesy of TFW)

Farley Chatto (Photo courtesy of TFW)

If you are looking for a way to bring these runway looks to your closet, a new trend to dive into, or you are simply longing to spice up your style, a sure way to do this would be to look out for pieces to tie neon palettes into your 2020 spring/summer wardrobe.

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