Thursday, September 12, 2019


By Claire Hastings

How to Transition Summer Wardrobe to Fall

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Is it really the time to talk about how summer is slowly ending and that it’s time to embrace the colors of the fall? Even though we are beyond ourselves with grief at how fast this summer has passed, we are also quite looking forward to everything the new season has to bring. Brace yourself for the season of yellow, orange, brown and red, the season of hot cocoa and of carved pumpkins. However, before we get to those things, there is one thing we need to do, and that is to transition our summer wardrobe to fall. If you have no idea what we are talking about, or if you do but you don’t know how to achieve it, take a look. It is not a difficult task, it can be quite fun and after all, it is something that we all need.

Work on your colors

So, summer and fall are not only seasons that differ in temperatures. They also differ in the colors that are dominant outside, and this is what you should bear in mind as well. The bright-colored and neon clothes that you own should be put in the wardrobe or locked away until next spring – so if you own such pieces, make sure to store them someplace safe as you will need them next year. For fall, opt for earthy tones, such as brown, olive green, beige or khaki. You can also add a dash of navy blue and orange, but make sure that your core color is a pastel one.

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Keep your dresses

Summer is all about dresses, and we get to wear them anytime, any day. Now, you might think that returning your dresses in the closet is the right thing to do for fall, but don’t do that just yet. There are examples of amazing maxi dresses that you can rock in fall as well, especially if you add something long-sleeved to the combination, such as a cardigan, kimono, or even a leather jacket. This all depends on you as you can make plenty of new outfits with just adding something new to the mix. 

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Add tights to make your outfit interesting

Fall is also a great time to make your outfit more interesting and to play with patterns, colors and textures. It is also amazing how you can wear tights and combine them with summer clothes that you are not ready to say goodbye to yet. Tights can be very cheap and the good thing is that they will help you wear your summer skirts and dresses longer. However, bear in mind that the color of your tights is very important. Since it is fall, it would be good to either opt for brown or dark brown, or dark grey and black (which is probably the best option).

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Think of layering

We love layered looks, and this is perhaps one of the best things about fall fashion. These are completely functional, and you get to go totally crazy with them. It doesn’t matter how many layers you have, you still have the possibility of showing each and every one, so it’s like Heaven for fashionistas. Remember the rule though: you always layer longer over lean.

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Get yourself nice boots

What screams “fall” more than a pair of good boots? These make every single outfit combination warmer and much more functional and interesting. Get yourself a pair of high-quality boots that you will rock this season, and combine them with all of your fall outfits without any problem. There are, of course, some lower-cost boots options, but if you want to make the best of it, choose a pair that is high-quality as it will really show and you will be wearing them for a long time. 

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After this article, we are probably more excited about the arrival of fall, aren’t we? Anyhow, make sure to lock away all those summer clothes that are inappropriate for fall, but you can always leave ones that are in earth tones as you will be able to reuse them during the rainy and chilly days of fall as well.

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